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4 Tips on How to Care for and Clean Sex Doll

Posted by Steven Alexander on

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4 Tips on How to Care for and Clean Sex Doll

When you are investing in any robotic or electric machine, there are specific ways to extend its life. When you purchase something such as a sex doll, it is more than just life-sized decor. These dolls not only cost a great deal of money. They’re also working computers with moveable parts that should be treated with proper care. You buy a sex doll with a specific purpose, often giving it life in its own way. You want to make sure he or she is cared for the same way you would any vital artificial intelligent machinery. Here are 4 ways to care for your adult sex doll.

Keeping your doll clean

You are going to experience a special closeness with your doll, so caring for it is important. The TPE skin was developed to stretch, but you should still be careful not to snap or tear the flesh. It is recommended that when stretching this material, it should be done at room temperature. Mild soap such as antibacterial brands and water won’t harm the skin, so if you share your doll with someone else, you should take proper measures to wash the doll, thus preventing anything harmful from spreading to your partner.  

Be sure not to submerge your doll in a hot tub, though. Instead, you can spray them off in the bath with the showerhead or small container. It is vital to clean sexual parts, so you might want to invest in a soft loofah or sponges for your doll’s skin. Enema bulbs can be a good investment to help clean those sensitive areas on your doll such as her vaginal and anal area. You can purchase them in a variety of sizes and shapes for your specific needs, which you’re going to want to keep clean and free of bacteria and mold. The legs and arms are opposable for you to freely move your doll in positions for pleasure and comfort. Just like a real human, your doll can’t move in every direction without breaking. Treating your doll carefully will keep it in great shape for years to come.

 Any toys and props that are used during your time together should also be properly stored and cared for. Disinfect by using natural products is a good way to keep harsh chemicals away from both of you. 

 Caring for the electronics

 Your doll is a computer, one that can run you up to ten grand. You want to treat the mechanics of it with the same gentle respect as the outside. For example, it responds to touch by verbally letting you know they are pleased with your actions. Many of these dolls have expressions that can be programmed to move, mimicking a real human being. Most electronics do well in a dry, cool environment. While your doll can be subjected to some fluids, it’s probably wise to keep them clear of a bath or shower. Like your laptop or smart device, the computer inside can be susceptible to breakage. The outside looks human enough, but your sex doll is essentially a large computer and may need maintenance. Like any electrical device, make sure you read anything information that comes with your doll to extend its quality of life and fix any glitches that may occur.

 Creating a space for your doll

 Your doll may soon feel like a member of your family and you may want to treat her as such. Creating a special space for your doll such as a bedroom or a part of your house is a great way to display her. While you are away at work, your companion may want to lounge about in a chair, reading her favorite book until you arrive home. The metal skeleton that supports your doll can be maneuvered anyway you can think of, which means they can sit, stand, or lay down. 

 Keep your doll away from open flames, extremely high heat, and cold temperatures. You might enjoy cooking a romantic meal however, you may want your doll to remain at the table until you are finished preparing your dinner. You can utilize this opportunity to be creative with your home and the persona of your doll. This creativity can help you in everyday life, too, by encouraging you to figure out problems in different ways.

Maintaining proper grooming and physical contact

 Your connection with your adult doll can be expanded by more than simply washing off your doll after use. Grooming each other, whether you are human or not, is a form of intimate connection. This type of touching stimulates you and can release endorphins, which make you feel good. Your doll is created to respond to touch, letting you know what you’re doing feels nice and they want it repeated. This can slow your heart rate, causing you to feel more relaxed. Touching someone appropriately and positively shows support and even stronger emotions such as love. Grooming your doll, for example, by brushing their hair or dressing them for bed can be just as intimate as a sexual act. Making sure they look their best makes you feel good and creates a unique bonding experience. 

Whether you are held or holding your robotic companion, such acts can help boost your mood and give you secure feelings of being loved.

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