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5 Must-Know Tips for Using Sex Toys Together

Posted by An Mai on

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Sex is more than just a physical act between two consenting adults. Sex also releases endorphins and dopamine, giving all involved parties a feeling of pleasure. You may be feeling self-conscious when it comes to the deed, however, there are other things to consider helping you, such as toys and props. These can be fun and helpful, especially for those who experience sexual dysfunctions that can cause pain with penetration.

Sex toys aren’t just for the inexperienced lover, though. There are so many of them, all made for pleasure and comfort. Here are some things to consider when buying and trying out toys or props.

Trust and communication

This seems as if it should be obvious, but sex can be a daunting topic for many. Even if they seem outgoing about the subject, discussing what you and your partner are comfortable with is important. This includes the use of toys, props, and even additional partners. Sex dolls, for example, can help break the ice when starting a new relationship. For those who are into rougher sex, your partner may not be ready to experiment on themselves. A riding crop is a prop that can give you a proper stinging smack depending on the intensity. Using it on a doll stimulates the AI response, giving you a positive reaction without worrying about anyone being hurt. Creating a safe word may help ease you and your partner’s mind, too, if things get a bit too frisky. 

For beginners

Sex toys can be small and made for intimate areas such as your anal and vaginal area. You can purchase ones that vibrate for extra stimulation. However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all sex toys are one-size-fits-all. Before buying, you should per-use products to see which you feel would be right for you. If you are new to the toy scene, you may want to start with something simple such as a vibrator or stimulator. They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Some are pocket-sized and inexpensive but still able to do the job. You can find ones that appear to be an everyday item such as lipstick to conceal its true identity.

Another important beginning step is to talk to your partner. Make sure everyone is included, is on board and has consented, and is comfortable experimenting. As a beginner, you should have people who are understanding that it is new for you (and maybe even for them). Once you and your partner have tried some smaller toys you can always find new ways to use them and then go bigger.

Sex dolls for the adventurous

AI robots are about as big as sex toys can get. Some are made with TPE which is a combination of plastic and rubber than create the look and feel of skin-like flesh. The dolls are created to be extremely realistic. While many companies have developed a name and personality for the doll you buy, you can alter who they are specially for you. Sex dolls can eventually become a part of your sexual routine. For those who suffer from pain due to sexual dysfunctions such as PID or even PTSD from past relationships, a life-like doll can help open doors to have enjoyable and painless sex. You don’t need to feel jealous about your partner seeking the company of someone else and you may find you can let go of inhibitions with it. You can buy them in any skin tone, height, male, and female depending on your taste. Our company has a variety that are also touch-sensitive, therefore receiving a real sexual experience. 

Pain can be pleasurable

Pain can often be seen as a negative, especially when it comes to intimate moments. However, the line that can be toed between pleasure and pain can make for a memorable sexual experience. You can begin slowly with scratching the skin’s surface and soft nips with your teeth. Utilizing everyday items such as ties or scarves can be great props. If you are feeling daring, purchasing some handcuffs can be dangerously fun, as well. If you have anxiety issues at work being bossed around, for example, you may feel confident behind closed doors telling your partner what to do. Pushing your partner safely against a wall can be erotic and a great release in many ways.

Forbidden love 

Being involved in seemingly prohibited relations can ignite passion in itself. Forbidden sex, such as affairs, have been going on for thousands of years. If you don’t want to risk your relationship, a sex doll can be the perfect toy for both of you to experiment with. With a given personality and name, this toy can be safely used by both of you. Role-playing can be integrated into this as well, adding a new twist on your relationship. For the science fiction fan, dressing up as your favorite alien can be fun and erotic. You can try it with your doll first if you feel a little self-conscious exploring this kind of sexual role-playing with a real partner. 

In humans, sexual relations are for more than just procreation. They are a way to bond with each other. Some people choose to strengthen this bond by bringing a sex doll to the bedroom. If you are embarrassed about the buying process, you can rest assured knowing that most companies ship discreetly so that only you know what box is being left outside. So whether to spice things up or to get more comfortable with each other, using a sex toy can be a great way to take things to the next level.

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