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Japanese Sex Doll Yoko | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

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Just like every Japanese sex doll from California Dolls™, Yoko's smooth and soft skin feels so real that you’ll never want to touch another. And why would you when you have the stunning Yoko in your bedroom willing to please you with her inviting mouth and soft round booty.

Yoko is the perfectly designed premium Japanese sex doll. Her body was built from the ground up to pleasure you. Her skin feels so soft and realistic, it’s beyond compare. Yoko's full and heaving bosoms wiggle and move at the slightest touch, and you can squeeze and giggle them as much as you like. Touch her all over, she will never stop you. You can move her around and pose her any way you like. 

With a built is stainless-steel skeleton as flexible as a Dallas cheerleader. She can assume the most erotic positions of your dreams. Take her whenever you like, she is ready for it all.  Her full D-cup breast are the ideal size for her 5ft. 3in. frame while measurements of 35” 20” 33” makes Yoko a perfect Asian 10!



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