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AI Sex Doll Sydney | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

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AI sex doll Sydney is a perfect example of an ultra modern robotic sex dolls. She has beautiful facial features, comes with sexy, toned body. Her deep blue eyes, small nose, juicy red lips, and long silky blonde hair is a killer. If you have a desire to experience the world's most advanced robotic sex doll, you probably want to give Sydney a try. Looking at those large firm breast and perky nipples will get a man's heart to pounding. Long tan, firm legs, tight waist, and perfect round heart shaped butt makes Sydney an irresistible and exciting sex robot!

California Dolls™ Robotic Sex Dolls are the world's most advanced high-tech female robots. The doll's development concentrated on advanced life-like features that mimic a real female, adds excitement & companionship, and provides enhanced pleasure. 

Our android sex dolls are life-size, lifelike premium sex dolls, offering features below: Professional hand crafted body and beautifully detailed facial features, ball joint wrists, realistic vagina and anus, flexible skeleton allows the dolls to be posed like a human-being, not restricted to the typical upward-downward, leftward-rightward positions. Constructed with improved high-quality smooth and silky TPE, the dolls not only look pretty in pictures but better in person!


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