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Sex Doll Kerry | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

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Kerry is the American sex doll you’ve always wanted. Soft, smooth, perfect skin, beautiful eyes, an inviting mouth, and a sexy body to die for. Kerry is everything you’ve ever wanted in a young lady and a lot more.

With an eye-popping waistline, curvy round hips, and incredible perky breast, Kerry has that youthful firm body that men dream of touching. Fortunately, for the right man it’s not a dream at all. This American sex doll is desperate for a special man who can take her away from the cold, wet streets of Vancouver.

Yes, this hot young sweetheart could be all yours. In fact, she keeps a positive attitude knowing it will happen soon. She wishes to have her special man to spoil her and treat her like the young lady she is, and she promises that she’ll satisfy your every conceivable need a man could desire in return. And when she says every need, she means it.

Jenna desires to have loves sex and is willing to try new things. After watching a porn video Kerry fantasies about giving oral sex and hopes that her new man can take her mouth and cum inside her. It’s something she’s always dreamed of but she is waiting for her special man to give her all.

You can live out your fantasies each and every day if you send for Kerry. Whether you want to make love in the shower first thing in the morning or take this America sex doll in the living room as soon as you return home from work, she’s always ready to satisfy your needs and NEVER says NO!. 

Are you the man to take this American beauty home?

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    • This is really a nice sexy looking girl. Your products are so real its like she’s come to life thank you very much I really like this doll. GOOD JOB TO YOU ALL.

      David on

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