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Asian Teen Doll Maria

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

fragrance blog

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Like many young realistic Japanese sex dolls of her generation, this sexy Japanese love doll is eager to explore their sexuality, Maria is looking for something a little more. This 18-year-old Japanese doll is looking for a little romance to go along with all that passion in the bedroom.

Bored of guys trying to get her into bed, Maria hopes that she can find a man who will buy her nice things, give her flowers, and watch movies with her. And in return, she promises to be the most amazing and generous lover her man has ever known.

Currently this love doll is studying English and wants to become a teacher, but if the right man came to whisk her away to a new and exciting life, then she’d be more than willing to go. Are you the man who can satisfy her need for romance in her sex life?

Maria’s stunning body boasts measurements of 31-20-31 and full, soft, perky breast made with high quality TPE. She has a mouth that loves to be kissed while she goes wild at the thought of you licking her nipples. She also secretly tells us that she loves anal, but she’s a little shy to admit it to you.

A keep-fit addict, this sexy realistic sex doll has the strength, stamina, and flexibility to keep going for as long as you desire. And she’s willing to try anything in the bedroom. All that she asks is that once she satisfies you, hold her and let her fall asleep on your shoulder.

If you’re looking for a perfect lover that will happily wait in your bedroom for you to come home each night, then you can stop looking now because you’ve already found her. Maria wants you and she knows you want her too.


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