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Brunette Love Doll Leah | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

fragrance blog

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The most realistic looking brunette love doll you have ever seen, Leah is absolutely stunning with her sexy red lips, deep green eyes, and innocent looking face. Her body is absolutely gorgeous with the perfect hourglass figure and super life-like features. Her skin feels silky smooth incredibility squeezable. Her ultra-modern metal skeleton lets you position her anyway you desire.

Sometimes a girl just wants to tease and show off. Leah is feeling this way right now, she’s spent the afternoon teasing her hair and finding the perfect erotic outfit. She’s looking to make an impression, and it’s working. You can’t take your eyes off her as she stands in front of you. Her perky, full breasts slowly escaping the tiny top she’s wearing.


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