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Sex Doll Debbie | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

fragrance blog

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My name is Debbie, I'm California sex doll and a true lover. I love warmer summer days with cool summer breezes in the evenings and the sound of the ocean surf washing up on the beach. I often daydream that I am in at your place. We are sitting on the love seat, my arms around you, pressing my body close to yours as we throw our secret inner inhibitions to the wind. The only thing that matters is you and I together.

Unfortunately, at some point reality always whispers into my ear and reminds me, "You are alone in your small apartment with no man to share your love," but I continue to cling to my sexy dream. Today, I wait for you to send for me, wanting my dream to come true and share it with one special man.

My fit body has its needs and desires, just look me over. I hate to sound too conceded, but I’m an amazing, young adult woman, medical grade premium TPE California sex doll, and I’ve been designed to please your deepest desires. I’m incredibly voluptuous, with perky D-cup breasts that wobble and move all over, and a hourglass sexy shape with slender thighs and a mind-blowing firm, heart shaped butt. My skin feels very realistic and silky smooth. I’m everything you you could want is a permissive lover, and I’m here for you alone, whatever you want from me.

I have an internal stainless steel metal skeleton that is life-like articulating, and lets you position me into any sexy pose you can dream of. I have a face that could put me on the cover of fashion magazines, but I prefer one special man to please. I look forward to your loving intimate touch. I’m here, waiting alone for your response. Will you make my loving dreams come true, you will never be sorry!


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