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Best Sex Doll - Kelsey

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

fragrance blog

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Cheerleader sex doll Kelsey is a third year university student and head of her school's cheering squad. After graduation she plans to go into business management. But first, Kelsey dreams of trying out as a professional cheerleader for a NFL team.

Kelsey knows good looks is important, but she can't just look cute and show up for an audition. She has to be on her best game. Her technique, her look, and her body must stand up to the harshest scrutiny. She often spends her evenings at the gym working out and practicing her acrobatics. 

Late one evening it is just you and Kelsey left in the building. You make eye contact and she walks over to you, pulls her t-shirt over her head, letting it fall to the floor. Smiling, she reaches behind her back, unclasping her bra. You are stunned by Kelsey and her incredible naked breasts. You stand there, frozen, while she pulls her shorts down.

Kelsey lays back on the massage table, exposing her perfectly sculpted and toned physique. She takes your hand, then guides it over her body. She feels amazing! She’s a premium quality TPE sex doll, with a body that feels so incredibly soft and smooth, you can’t stop yourself. Her breasts are life-like, you can kiss and caress them. They jiggle at the slightest movement. She shows you how she can move, with her internal metal skeleton, she can assume all kinds of sexy positions. Would you like to hang around while Kelsey shows you her best moves?



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