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Girl Sex Doll Megan | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Brooke Lorne on

fragrance blog

The spring semester will end soon and college girl sex doll Megan is excited about summer. She is ready to have some fun. Megan is 19 and prefers summer over other seasons where she can wear her little bikini's and sexy clothes.

This evening she is going out wearing a little sexy two piece outfit.  The top is so tight it fully reveals her slender body and skinny waist. The hot short skirt is short and people can almost see her panties, that’s what she wants.

The local girls are jealous of her, but the boys are always wandering around her. The boys wish to be her boyfriend and be the lucky man, obviously they want to have sex with this college girl, they have heard this young lady is still a virgin. Wow!

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