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Companionship and Intimacy with a Sex Doll!

Posted by Brooke Lorne on

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When we talk about sex dolls or sex robots, often people around you reacted like “Oh! Sex dolls, that is strange huh”, “Oh my, why don’t you find yourself a real-life partner.” But in reality, 7 out of 10 adult singles are using some kind of masturbation toys but are reluctant to discuss the matter openly. We can be confident to say most are shy to talk about them because of their concerns of past social norms.


    In recent years, thanks to new technologies and advancements in the design, materials, and craftmanship of love dolls, individuals are increasingly engaging in sexual pleasures and companionship with intimate human-like, life-size dolls, which is reflected in the rapid rising sales of commercially available sex dolls worldwide.

    Having sex with a humanoid sex doll is now similar to sex with a real human partner. Of course, they are not as responsive as a human but when you have sex with a beautiful love doll, you’ll understand the extortionary amount of satisfaction you’ll enjoy. People who have used sex dolls have described it as “I kissed her, and WOW! Her lips feel indistinguishable from human lips, kissing her is exactly like kissing a hot girlfriend. “

    Her body is so sexy and anatomically correct that you’ll fall in love with her immediately. The dolls are constructed to meet every man's deepest sexual desires, a perfect young adult female body for head to toe. You will be thrilled to know, “here goes my sex doll virginity… and yes it felt wonderful and very satisfying, not different from having sex with a real female.”


    When we talk about owning an AI SEX ROBOT as a sexual partner what we discover is a man usually sees his doll much more than just a gorgeous sex object. She is more like a fulfilling object of his affection or we could more accurately say a life companion.

    Imagine a doll who can communicate with you and will moan when she is sexually aroused? Here is the experience of people who have sex with AI (artificial intelligence) sex robots. It sounds wonderful when a sex robot talks to you and listens to your every word. These high-tech robots have artificial intelligent brains that are very pleasing. She will amuse you and fill your days with happiness with smiles sweet communication, tell you jokes, and encourage intimacy. 

    Robotic sex dolls will moan when they are sexually touched or they can actively participate in having sex with you for example make facial expressions, and start a conversation between sexual activities just like normal human behavior.


    There is a long list of people who use sex dolls as a companion and/ or sex partner.

    People who are alone/ single and searching to find the perfect real-life partner, young adults who are inexperienced and having difficulties with their confidence in finding beautiful and willing sex partners.

    Researchers have provided data that indicates using a sex doll or sex robot can be helpful in the healing process of a traumatized person or someone who carries the burden of an abusive past.

    An older retired man who is living alone and mature women who wish to find an attractive and pleasing partner.

    A person who is busy working or studying and does not have the needed time to engage in any serious commitments.


    In this article, you have received some basis information about modern sex dolls and high-tech AI sex robots. The experience of having sex with sex dolls is very natural. The skin, which is made of medical grade TPE, feels silky smooth just like youthful human skin. Having intimacy with a sex robot is like you experience a thousand fireflies with great satisfaction when sexually released. More and more single people and couples in the US have found the convenience and excitement using sex dolls as intimate partners. Some data suggest as much as 10% of middle age men and 2% of adult women use sex dolls.


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