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Could a Sex Doll Help with Depression?

Posted by Brooke Lorne on

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Could a Sex Doll Help with Depression?

Depression is an incredibly common mental disorder. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 11 million U.S. adults over the age of 18 have at least one depressive episode every year. The symptoms of depression can vary from person to person. Depression can present as insomnia or hyper-insomnia. It can look like weight loss or significant weight gain. It can cause fatigue, indecisiveness, an inability to concentrate, irritability, anger, and commonly, it can cause feelings of worthlessness. It’s a known fact that depression and anxiety can be present together, as can depression and feelings of loneliness. This can also lead to sexual dysfunction, further causing depressed individuals to feel isolated and lonely.

Those experiencing such symptoms have found a solution in sex dolls. Sex dolls have made a lot of progress since the early days of inflatables. Today, sex dolls come in a variety of shapes, sizes, capabilities, skin tones, and are amazingly realistic. Our California Dolls are made of medical thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material that makes them feel real. They can be used individually or even by a couple to reawaken intimacy and sexual passion in a relationship, something that can dwindle during a depressive episode. Here are the symptomatic areas in which sex dolls can help to alleviate the effects of depression.



Loneliness is a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy when one has depression. Depression can cause feelings of inadequacy and a deep sense of unworthiness. Rumination is also a big factor in depression, meaning that you may find yourself constantly thinking about how worthless you are and how you’re not worthy of friendship or love, which leads to more feelings of depression and self-isolation. Unfortunately, loneliness can also contribute to depression, making this an unfortunate cycle. A realistic love doll can help relieve some of this loneliness by offering owners a chance to develop a fulfilling relationship with themselves and to feel a sense of fulfillment through successful and satisfying sexual interactions.


Social anxiety

Depression tends to cause negative self-evaluation. In other words, it can trigger a toxic cycle of thinking in which a depressed individual believes that their loneliness is caused by some personal flaw or lack of worth. This can cause the person to dislike themselves, feel a feeling of self-disgust, and isolate themselves even further. These negative emotions can ultimately lead to aspects of social phobia, or social anxiety. Social anxiety involves a fear of being judged, inferior, or embarrassed, and results in an avoidance of social interaction which can lead to a fear of public places. This kind of isolation is damaging for a depressed person and tends to feed into itself.

Many people recognize the realistic nature of love dolls as a great substitute or stand in for the kinds of social interactions that cause them anxiety. Spending time expressing your deepest fears, feelings, desires, anger, and sadness to a doll — without any fear of rejection — can be deeply therapeutic. Such a first step can serve as great practice for speaking your truth and deepest feelings to another person. It can be hard to be vulnerable and honest with another human being, but starting with a completely non-judgmental, life-like doll is a great way to build courage and get comfortable to make the move.



Stress is highly correlated with the onset of depression. High stress levels mean higher levels of cortisol, a naturally occurring chemical in the brain that is linked with depression and anxiety. Masturbation and sex, however, can help to mitigate the effects of stress. After orgasm, prolactin is released. This is a hormone that helps with feelings of relaxation, and can trigger sleep, a common problem when one is stressed and depressed. Sexual release also results in the release of the neurohormones oxycontin, serotonin, and norepinephrine. All of these hormones tend to be low in the brains of depressed, stressed, and anxious individuals. Interacting with a realistic sex doll can help relieve stress by allowing your depressed and anxious mind to flood itself with the ‘feel good’ hormones it needs for you to feel happy.  


Sexual dysfunction

Not shockingly, sex is frequently the first thing to go when a person is depressed. Feelings of inadequacy can extend beyond the realm of daily friendly interactions and find themselves affecting things in the bedroom. Many men and women report having low or even no sexual desire during bouts of depression. This can be hard on both single individuals and couples. Use of a sex doll can help address some of this dysfunction in two ways. 

  1. It can offer the partner of a depressed person an option for sexual release without looking outside the relationship for pleasure. It can also act as an inanimate go-between for the couple through which they can explore new ways of bringing sexual intimacy back into the relationship.
  2. It can provide a way for depressed individuals to regain confidence, stamina, and a positive outlook towards sex. Many find that masturbating or having sex can actually increase the desire to have sex. Beginning with a sex doll, an inanimate object that can’t possibly be disappointed by your performance is a great way to develop a strong feeling of self-worth and new sexual skills. 

Rising above an episode of depression is no easy task. But with the help of one of our advanced, top of the line sex dolls, it can be an easier journey.

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