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Curvy Sex Doll Katy | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

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If you like your women beautiful, young, and curvy, then you will love curvy sex doll Katy. She is one of our most beautiful full-figured dolls. When our craftsmen created Katy’s alluring body, they specialized in placing all the right curves in all the right places.

With such a gorgeous face and sexy full-figure, Katy gets plenty of attention from the guys everywhere she goes. Many men ask her for dates and Katy enjoys having fun, but she is very choosy. What Katy is looking for is one special man that will appreciate her for what she is right now; an incredibly beautiful, curvy, and sexy woman.

Katy enjoys going to the gym and exercising. She will impress you by the strength in her huge thighs. She can squeeze you tight as you slide inside her from behind and hold onto her soft large breasts.

If there’s one thing that Katy craves, it’s sex with one special man, and her lusty desire for excitement in the bedroom knows no limits. Take her from behind, let her ride you as you hold her massive hips, or make slow passionate love to her as you run your hands all over her curvy body. 

It’s not every day a woman with a sexy, curvy body like this comes along. Irresistible hips, a large inviting butt, perfect H-cup breasts that you could play with all night, a tight waistline, and those unbelievable sexy thighs. What are you waiting for, order her today!


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