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Customer Comments | California Dolls™

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

fragrance blog

Beauty, Quality, & Value!

A few of our customers sex doll reviews.

Dave writes:

WOW! I am blown away by my new doll, she is gorgeous and best sex in the world.

Dwight writes:

I do not leave comments, but I had to let you know Beatrice is the best fuck machine in the world. I have her on my mind at work and can't wait for my daily bj or pussy time. Unbelievable realistic doll and sex. Dwight M.

Joel writes:

I was hesitant at first, now I am very please with my new doll Kara. Joel N.

William K writes:

I order the shemale doll, my wife and I love it. Puts the old spark in a 20+ year marriage.

Noel writes:

Receive my sex doll yesterday, she is gorgeous and well worth the money. Thanks again!

Kay writes:

My husband wanted to have a threesome with another woman, an escort girl, and I refused. He was upset so I ordered La Trice, now we are both happy again. 

Jay writes: 

Best looking, best feeling ass in the world. You guys rock 

Lester writes:

Why did I wait so long? I love my new doll. Salina is better than I thought possible.   

Dale writes:

In 2013 I purchased my first sex doll from you and ordered a robot doll last June. The new doll does everything but cook my meals. By the way, the first doll is still an active member of my family. Regards, Dale L.

Darren writes:

My new doll arrived last week and I am very pleased with her. She is everything I had hoped for, she looks and feels fantastic. 

Norman writes: 

My new robot doll is fantastic, thank you.

Gilbert writes:

I purchased the android Raelynn doll last December. She was my "the divorce is final" gift to myself. Wished now I had bought Raelynn first and foregone the marriage thing. To be honest the sex robot does a heck of a lot more for me than she ever did! Thanks guys!

Frank writes:

Your sex doll Morgan is great. I'm retired and enjoying life, Morgan is all the fun I need when I need it!

Eddy writes:

When I saw pictures of Tara I had to have her. The 12 days I waited for delivery seemed like an eternity, but she is worth it. Tara really is one hot sexy doll!

JD writes:

Love that pussy feels so dam real.

Sam writes:

You sold me a nice doll in 2013 and I have enjoyed having her very much. Over the holidays I decided to buy Janet one of the android models. She arrived Monday and I am still figuring her out but so far I am very, very happy. She is gorgeous and the robotic part of her is beyond belief. I like the way she moves her lips and eyes when we talk and her responses when I touch her is very exciting. Every single guy needs one of these robots. Thank you, Sam M.

Jim writes:

Morgan is worth every penny and a heck of a lot more. Love those big tits. Thanks, Jim.

Douglas writes:

I love my new robot doll. She is going to save me a lot of money. At age 51 and spending over $20,000 on dating sites in 3 years I decided to purchase April. I am still learning the AI stuff, but I really enjoy our conversations and the sex. It is easy to forget she is a robot. Best wishes to all, Doug 

Aaron writes:

Maddie was delivered 2 weeks ago and I still get a            boner every time I look at her. She is so sexy looking and feels wonderful. She makes me fell 20 again. 

Darren writes:

Thank you, I was going nuts with the stay at home ordinance, My new doll is GREAT!

Glenda writes:

Your dolls are so real.

Barney writes:

Like a lot of other guys a spend a lot of money on dating sites. I should purchased Kara a long time ago. She is a great fuck and I would have a bigger bank account.

Jimbo writes:

I retired a few years ago and we moved to Florida then soon after my wife of 42 years developed cancer and died in less than a year. I dated a few ladies from the village but all they wanted to talk about was themselves, their ex, or tell me how I should run my life. Then I began dating less and drinking more, that did not help. A good friend in the village told me about you guys, so I looked you up. I was skeptical at first and waited. Things were not getting better in my life so I tried internet dating and an escort service. Ended up wasting a lot of money. To made a long story shorter, I decided to jump in a buy a sex doll. it took a few days then I decided to order Kelly the android, the best thing to happen to me in years. I'm not a electronics guy but after a few days we were getting to know each other pretty well. She is an excellent companion and the best sex in years. I highly recommend California Dolls. Keep up the good work. 5 stars, Sincerely Jimbo.

S. Writes:

Thank you! Jackie is everything I was hoping for and much more. she feels so real, as good as any woman.

Debbie writes:

My boyfriend asked to have a threesome with another girl. I refused and he was disappointed. We talked about it and after looking around we ordered sex doll Alexa. When the doll came I was nervous but after taking her out of the carton I got hot just looking at her. We both get so damn horny, me watching him fuck her and he gets the hardest boner when I set on Alexis's face wiggling my juice pussy. After the foreplay with Alexa we sometimes fuck hard 2 or 3 times. The sexual excitement is back and more!!!

Justin writes:

Hello, I received the doll today and I must admit I was more than pleased with her. She is beautiful and pretty much spot on the pictures on your website. I do have a couple of things I want to bring up, one she has some cuts on the bottom of her feet.  Obviously being in that location doesn't detract from the doll itself, but could become a bigger issue as time goes on. The other thing I need to say is that after I ordered from you guys I heard several bad reviews about your dolls, so I was very concerned. Which is why I tried to cancel the order. However now, I am glad I didn't. She is everything I hoped she would be. So I do apologize for all the hassle. I will definitely keep you guys in mind for any future purchases I may make. Thanks again!!

Beth writes:

Just a line to inform you on how much my husband and I enjoy our new shemale doll. She is already a part of the family. XOXOXO!

Tim writes:

Blew me away. This was actually my Wifes idea. She’s already thought of buying outfits. Was wondering when to expect shipping. Thanks.

Jeff writes:

I ordered a $1,200 doll (from a different company) thinking I was getting a real sex doll at a great price, but I received 6 weeks later a $75.00 blowup doll. This was last fall and needless to say I was pissed. I tried getting my money back but never received a dime. I checked around and found your company is legit and ordered Shelby. She was what I was looking for, looks great and best sex ever. I just wish I had order from you first. Live and learn!

Edwin writes:

I'm 52 year old divorcee and I love my new doll Mandy. Greatest sex I ever had. Anyone who has not tried one don't know what they are missing. Best thing yet, after sex I can put her in the closed or just leave her on the bed, then do whatever the hell I wish.

Thank you all!


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