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Beautiful Love Doll - Renee

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

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I am sex doll Renee from Colorado and I am an outdoors girl. With the snow and all the holidays being celebrated, winter is my favorite season. I started skiing when I was 3 and now compete in cross country events. Skiing is not only fun, but it helps me keep my body in excellent physical condition and looking sexy.

If you look at my photos I bet you can guess two other outdoor passions of mine. Okay, here goes. One is being nude whenever I can, I mean we are just being natural, right? I work hard on the slopes and at the gym to keep my body looking good and I like to show it off.  In the winter I keep my nice tan by going to a tanning salon a couple times a week.

Another great outdoor passion is being photographed, with clothes on and off. Last year at age 18 I began doing some modeling for a company that market’s women’s ski apparel. At first it was almost entirely the clothes and accessories being photographed, but over time more and more of me appears on their website. It seems the more customers see of me the better their sales. 


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