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Sex Doll Renee | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

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Renee is a skier. Although she modestly says she is a skier, I think she is more like a fan. Since her first skiing three years ago, she has fallen in love with such an adventurous sport which can appreciate the charm of nature.

So far, her main skiing battlefields are in European countries, such as Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland. When she's free, Renee skates three times a year for nearly 20 days. She likes the ski resort in Zermatt, Switzerland. According to her experience, the beginning of March is a particularly good time to ski in Zermatt, because there are relatively few people, the quality of snow is also very good, and the sunshine is abundant and relatively warm.

Renee recalled the first time she went skiing. It was really breathtaking. She recalls, I think skiing is easy and I want to try it myself. As a result, I couldn't stop my feet due to the bad environment. At that time, I had no idea how to turn a corner. I almost fell off the snow mountain and yelled at the front, thinking "I'm screwed". Later, when I was about 1 meter away from the cliff edge, I was grabbed by the coach and pushed down to the ground. I was really scared at that time. But Renee, who loves adventure, fell in love with skiing after her first unforgettable attempt.

Renee also likes apres ski. Apres ski refers to parties held in pubs in ski areas. There you can get in touch with skiers from all over the world, drinking hot wine and dancing with music. Renee thought these parties were very cool and made her like skiing more. Renee has made many male friends in these parties, and through in-depth understanding, she and many male friends have become intimate friends. She learned that some of her male friends have a common hobby besides skiing, which is to collect all kinds of silicone TPE sex dolls. They all like to buy their favorite young love dolls from a website called California doll, because the realistic sex doll for adults on this site are not only of high quality but also rich in varieties, and they launch their latest sex dolls very often. It's a lifelike sex doll website really worth adding to favorite collection.


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  • I am a lonely old man.So I bought this doll, everything becomes well, I will no longer be lonely, thank you California dolls.

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