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Gorgeous Erotic Sex Doll - Alexa

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

fragrance blog

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I am happy that you are reading this and getting to know me better. My name is Alexa, I am a 19-year-old red head sex doll and college student from Los Angeles, CA. In high school, I was a cheerleader and did some modeling. When my studies allow I still enjoy modeling for some regional businesses.

Naturally, my modeling requires that I stay in good physical condition. Watching my diet and exercising helps keep me in shape. Living near the beach is fantastic. I can lay in the sun to maintain my tan and when it gets too hot I jump in the water to cool off. Back at my place, I have a private area where I can add to my tan in the buff so to avoid those unsightly tan lines.

Sometimes at a photo shoot, the photographer will ask if I do full nudes? I always say no, but not sure why. I am not ashamed of my red head sex doll body. My tits are on the small side, but shapely and firm. I have a trim waist, a nice round little butt, and my legs are slender and smooth.

People tell me I have a sexy body, beautiful blue eyes, and my red hair is hot. A lot of young guys try to date me and that is flattering, but I am looking for something more long-term. I prefer a mature man, someone who can teach me and be my one true love. If you are still reading this maybe you are the one to take me?


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