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Redhead Sex Doll Alexa | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

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Name: Alexa

Age: 19

Height: 5ft. 2in. / 158cm

Weight: 75lbs / 34KG

Breast/Waist/Hip: 34/20/34in               85/50/85cm

Hello, my name is Alexa. I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore at a prestigious university in California. From my photos, you can see I am a girl with beautiful appearance and good figure. If you see me in person, you'll fall in love with me right away. Maybe you also know I am also a kind-hearted girl. I adopted two stray dogs and two stray cats. I love them very much. I like to wear sportswear, but I like to show my figure in front of the man I like. Would you like to be my man? Would you like to buy all kinds of sexy underwear for me? I love wearing sexy underwear in front of you and making all kinds of sex positions you love. As long as you like, I can even do doggy style for you.

My breasts are not very big but really attractive and firm. I like you to climb up on my body and lick my nipples. I like your big hands to hold my tits. I like you to put your head between my breasts and kiss me full. As your sexy mouth goes down, you will fall in love with my deep and tight vagina. You will not be satisfied with kissing my body only with your mouth. Your penis must have become very strong. Let it quickly enter my body and keep doing. I know it's very comfortable for you because I really enjoy it too. Please take me home, I will bring you all the fun and sex you want. I will also be very grateful, because I will not be lonely anymore. Please don't hesitate. Come on. Order me today. Let me be your young silicone sex doll.


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  • Very nice doll!!! She’s my darling now!!! Very impressed with the quality and the softness. If I am looking for another one I will be back. Thank you.

    Marc on

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