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Posted by Cathy Cohen on

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A major tenant of the new-age sexual revolution is “acceptance,” the keyword often used in the popular media, a new way of thinking and, for many, a new way of behavior.  A significant part of “acceptance” is the human-like sex doll. 

The evolution in sex doll engineering, materials, and manufacturing technology has elevated the once modest blowup doll to a metal skeleton, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) masterpiece in beauty and function.

In this guide we will focus on premium adult sex dolls only, no blowups, cheap copies, or dolls that resemble children. Whether seeking companionship, great sex, or both, a premium sex doll is an investment in one’s personal well-being. 

Let’s begin by asking a few basic, but important questions.  Are you looking for a standard model or android sex doll? What about ethnic/race background? Tall or medium height? Eye Color? Wig color and length? Body size and shape? Budget? There is a lot to consider when searching for that perfect sex doll.

Most sex dolls purchased today are standard models manufactured using TPE and a metal skeleton. Not all TPE formulas are the same, some manufactures try to cut cost by using inferior materials. The same applies to the metal skeletons, the higher quality skeletons provide more flexibility, can be positioned in almost any pose, and will last for years. Depending on size, premium quality sex dolls list from $1,250 to $2,500.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next big thing in premium sex dolls. Like their premium little sisters android sex dolls are manufactured using high grade TPE and stainless steel metal skeletons. Unlike standard models, androids dolls come with the ability to communicate verbally, show facial expressions, blink eyes, move lips in sync with speech, rotate head, play music, solve mathematical equations, and much more. Plus they come with an off switch. Android sex dolls list from $5,000 to $10,000.

Next we explore personal preferences, such as, ethnicity, size, eyes, hair, etc. Generally, pricing of a sex doll is most dependent on size more that other characteristics. A slim 4ft. 6in. doll will list several hundred dollars less than a full-bodied 5ft. 7in. model. Availability and popularity can also play a roll in pricing.

Most men have a strong preference when it comes to breast size and booty size. High quality sex dolls can be order with small ones, big ones, giant ones, or something in between. There is something to be found for every taste.

Ethnicity/ race can play an important role in one's sex doll choice. American and Asian models are the most popular. European and Black dolls also rank high in popularity. 

Less important sex doll characteristics include eye color, hair color, and hair length. Premium models allow easy changing of the eyes so if you decide brown is preferable to green, simply remove the old one's and replace with a new set in you color choice. When it comes to the doll's hair an extra high quality wig or two can quickly enhance variety and excitement. 

Other factors to consider are standard or removable vagina and regular or stand-up models. The most popular and less problematic are the standard models. Customer's report the fixed vagina feels more natural and never comes unattached. If you plan to position your doll in a standing pose for extended periods of time the stand-up option is best, otherwise the standard model is more attractive. Sellers can provide the options you desire. Simply contact the seller concerning you choice and ordering directions. 

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  • You are welcome James, this is a pleasure to give you the most recent and updated news :)

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  • I did not know sex dolls was that advanced. Thanks for the tips. James

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