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Cheap Sex Doll Misty | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

fragrance blog

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Wish to own a high quality sex doll with all the essentials, but at a low cost, If your answer is yes allow me to tell you about half body cheap sex doll Misty. 

Misty is made using the same superior FDA approved medical grade solid M-TPE we use in all our premium dolls. We cut no corners, you are getting the best on the market. he will last for years with very little maintenance, just cleaning and a little talcum power occasionally.

Misty is light weight for easy of movement and small enough for easy storage. No down payment an no interest financing available.

She has high quality three pleasure holes just like all California Dolls. Breast, oral, vaginal, and anal sex are yours for the taking. You will be amazed with the real life fell Dixie has to offer. Don't wait, order today!


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