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Hello, Welcome to Hot California Sex Dolls.

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Hello, Welcome to Hot California Sex Dolls


We have everything you've been looking for. We have Lifelike skin that feels so realistic, high-quality sex dolls, big breasts, with a sleek body. 

Our dolls are High-Quality, Unique Dolls with Delicate Features and Ultra Realistic Sexual Enjoying at the Best Prices Online. Customers Are Always Our Top Priority. We provide Free Discreet Shipping to most countries.

Our Special Offers and Product Description

Make the most of your account with exclusive tools and savings on all your shopping. 

Our Dolls Will Bring Your Fantastic Pleasure: Perfect Lifelike Feel, Deep Tunnel Sensations, Plus Realistic Visual and Touch Stimulation. 

Our dolls are made of safe ultra-modern TPE-M and silicone materials with high-tech stainless steel skeletons.

The pleasure holes are skillfully crafted to be human-like and provide ultimate sexual satisfaction. There are multiple styles you will have fun with; you can experience all the sexual you desire.

Our Dolls Never Say No! You can release your enthusiasm anytime, anywhere with our Perfectly Designed ladies that will give you more vivid visuals and enjoyable stimulation. 

Our dolls are made of a high-quality steel skeleton and FDA-approved medical-grade M-TPE that mimics a genuine human being's natural look and feel. 

Free 7 to 10-day shipping with No fees or taxes. We respect your privacy. There is no labeling on the shipping container that might reveal the contents. 

It's impossible to beat California Sex Dolls, in looks or SEX appeal. 

We at California Dolls offer a wide variety of sex dolls, including our popular male & female models and out high-tech line of android sex dolls. 

True to life feeling and look of a real woman or man. Each of our dolls comes with realistic oral, anus, and vagina or penis orifices to maximize your pleasure. 

Why should you choose our products?

  1. Quality: A strict quality control process for each of our products is a prerequisite for the health and comfort is our guarantee.
  2. When your partners are not at your side, it will satisfy your fantasy and needs.
  3. Your love doll can be used many years and will bring you a safe and wonderful experience each time. 

Browse one or more of our Collections of Life-size dolls at Shop Smart with us, Spend Less. Save With Factory Direct Deals. Low Discount Prices and Over 150 Million Worldwide Users That Are Very Pleased With Our Products and Our Service. Factory Outlet Wholesale Deals. 5 to 10 Day Express Shipping. Shop Top Fashion Trends.

We offer the highest quality craftsmanship in creating the most realistic, human-like sex dolls, sex robots, and sex machines on the market today. We stand behind our products with excellent customer service and six months 0 interest financing. You can order you choice from hundreds of Premium Sex Dolls today with your Credit/ Debit Card. 


1. Full Secret Package: Nobody Knows What it is included. We will ship the sexy sweetheart to you in a discreetly labeled and hardy shipping package.

2. If you wish you can use water-based lubricants, however avoid silicone-based lube, which could possibly damage the Doll's TPE-M or Silicone Skin.

3. Please do not hesitate to email our customer care if you have any questions about our products. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

We respect your privacy. There is no labeling on the shipping container that might reveal the contents. 

If You Are Not ready to pay all at once, No problem. Pay overtime in six monthly zero interest installments. 

Our dolls are made of high-quality silicone that mimics a genuine human being's natural look and feels perfectly natural. 

We have the lowest prices for the highest quality dolls anywhere. Only for you at California Dolls. 

Our high-quality, FDA approved medical grade M-TPE material mimics the natural look of a genuine human being. The realistic M-TPE skin can be stretched 5.5 times or more of its width and length. 

You can choose your preferred skin tone, hairstyle, hair color, nail colors, eye colors, and many more features in your sexual companion, we have it all, email us for details. Our dolls come up with three openings anal, vaginal, and oral. Choose your very own and lovely companion who will love you and satisfier all your dreams and desires. 



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