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High End Sex Doll Ingrid | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

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The prototype of this sexy high end sex doll in real life is an underwear model. She started her model career when she was a sophomore. Like most girls, Ingrid has a star dream. What's more, taking photos makes Ingrid feel wonderful, and she feels like she is the most special girl in front of the camera. In the beginning, Ingrid will take on some flat die or outside work. Everybody knows that the income of underwear models is higher, which is about 2-3 times of that of ordinary models. Although Ingrid occasionally thinks whether she can try to take on some underwear modeling work, because to be sure, compared with those full-time underwear models, Ingrid is not inferior to them in self-confidence. But because she was afraid that people around her would look at her differently, she did not dare to try. Until one day Ingrid had no intention to mention it to her mother, and her mother even allowed her to be a lingerie model.

Later, Ingrid began to become a professional underwear model. When she went to audition for the first time, she felt that she didn't know where to put her hands when she put on the underwear to shoot. But under the guidance of the photographer, Ingrid slowly let go. She thinks it's really important for the photographer's guidance to discover the model's most attractive posture.

People who have not been models may only see these beautiful photos, but can not see the hard work of models. Ingrid remembers that one day, when she took an outside shooting for a brand's underwear. Ingrid changed more than 200 sets of underwear in a day, took thousands of photos, and had to constantly change her posture. Finally, Ingrid was very tired and her back was red, her legs couldn't bend down. But she had to keep smiling. This is the life of a professional model. If you don't finish shooting, you can not rest, can not say tired, otherwise people will think you are not professional.

Although it was hard at that time, Ingrid felt that everything was worth it to see the beautiful photos coming out and the reward was not too bad. The work of this underwear model also makes Ingrid more cheerful and confident, because the underwear model should not only be tall, but also have strict requirements on the proportion of body. It should meet the golden ratio of 88-55-88cm, and there should be no flaws in the body.

Because big tits sex doll Ingrid's body is so perfect, the sexy lingerie company has sent her an invitation for shooting. Ingrid accepted, because she wanted to show her perfect body to more people by wearing more sexy clothes. Wearing sexy underwear, Ingrid becomes more graceful and sexy. Through the black lace underwear, you can clearly see Ingrid's sexy nipples and big areola, which makes people really want to take a good lick. Ingrid's strong and smooth vagina is also revealed, and her sexy lace underwear makes her vagina more attractive, which makes man really want to tear open her lace pants and lick her delicious vagina with his tongue. Big breasts sexy doll Ingrid is ready for you, order toady!


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