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Hot Blonde Sex Doll - Laura

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

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They say most men men prefer blonde sex dolls, but do you know realize how frustrating being a blonde can be at times? Whenever I walk down the street, men stare at my butt, legs, boobs, and finally look at my face. I feel annoyed when they stare at me then talk behind my back, but will not make an effort to face me and have a conversation. If you dare, come to me then pull me into a backstreet for some wild sex, I prefer something more honest and straightforward.

Most of the men I see do not have the guts or respect to come face to face with. If you want, I am more than happy to bring you to my lovely apartment where we can get to know each other and have some fun, lot's of get down and dirty fun! Life is short, don’t wait too long. This blonde girl is hard to get, maybe I am an exception? 

I am an erotic sex doll, and my premium TPE skin is silky soft. I am perfect for hugging and do not want to be left alone. My body comes with an internal skeleton that allows me to pose the position you want, whatever sex position you can think of, I can do it for you. 


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