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Teenage Sex Doll Buffy | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

fragrance blog

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It’s always summer somewhere, and if you go looking for a good time, there’s a good chance you’ll find 19-year-old hot teenage Buffy somewhere near warm water. Her wondering has led her to many parts of the world, and she loves the feeling of the sun on her sexy, slender body. To be honest, there is one other excitement she enjoys even more!

As you are checking in at the resort you first see hot teenage sex doll Buffy as she walks through the lobby in a sexy red bathing suite. She pulls the towel from over her shoulders as see walks by you, the bag falls from your hand. She looks your way and gives you a smile. That evening as you sit on the pool wall, legs in the water, you see her dive into the pool and swims across the water straight to where your sitting. 

Reaching you, she places her hands on your legs, her face inches away from your crotch, and starts making small talk. Your mind races, stay calm, stay calm! Buffy is wearing a tiny red bikini which does nothing to hide her amazingly tight and sexy physique. You watch the water swirl and splash around her heaving breasts as they move, the perfect flotation device. Her juicy peach-shaped butt bobs up and down, breaking the surface.

She’s a dream California teen out of the pages of a gentleman’s magazine, with incredible curves and proportions designed to make you drool. She’s the highest-quality, incredibly realistic TPE sex doll, with a body that feels so real, you’ll never be able to tell the difference.


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