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How to Use A Sex Doll

Posted by Brooke Lorne on

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Hello California Doll fans, today we are going to talk about some important things you should know about playing with your 1:1 realistic TPE sex doll.

All sex dolls come from California Dolls™ don't care about your job, house, car, height, figure or looks. They will always sit on sofa or lie in bed and wait for you to come back home. They will listen to you patiently about your latest happy or sad things. And they will never comment on or complain about you.

You have to know that it's an investment for you to have a realistic sex doll. You may have to scrimp or go into debt in recent months to buy California sex dolls. To help you to get the most out of your investment, we wrote and posted this article. Here, we will try to cover all important things you need to know about playing with California dolls, and how to take care of the TPE love dolls.

After weeks of research, you finally bought a premium sex doll of your dreams on California Dolls™ site. And you received the California love doll a week after purchase. Below are 8 steps to teach you how to unpack and assemble your adult love dolls properly.

Step 1: Carefully lift the package to your room.

The most important thing you have to be aware of your fully packed sex doll could maybe weigh up to 80 pounds when she arrives. All the full-sized TPE/Silicone sex dolls are very heavy. You should know and accept this before you decide to have a premium lifelike sex doll. Please be prepared for how you are going to move this parcel to your room. A close friend may be a good helper, or you can tip the delivery guy to do you a favor. You can place the parcel around your bed or a sturdy sofa.

Step 2: Carefully open the package along the seams with a knife or scissors. Please don't go too deep with the knife or scissors, because I'm sure you don't want to hurt your new lovely partner.

Step 3: Wash your hands and wear the glove comes with your sex doll.

Step 4: Take all the accessories out of the carton

Your full size sex doll will come with Wig, Lingerie, Heating Rod, Comb, Blanket, Vagina Cleaner, Glove. Normally, high end sex doll will be wrapped with a blanket. Please leave the blanket to last and take all the other accessories out.

Step 5: Take the doll head out of the carton

The girl sex doll head is a soccer ball sized sphere lying down in the carton. The head is packed very well with sponge eye mask and a soft bag. Please be very carefully to remove the bag and eye mask from the head. Please place the head on the bed or sofa. And save the eye mask and bag well, because you will need them when you want to store your full skeleton sex doll after use.

Step 6: Take the doll body out of the box

Please be very careful to take the doll body out and place her gently on the bed or sofa.

Step 7: Assemble the head to body and put on the wig comes with the doll

Please use the screw comes with your doll to assemble the head to the body. Then put on the wig and make the wig neat and nice. Now, a beautiful full naked sexy lady sits in front of you. Please take a good look of your beautiful beauty girl sex doll.

Step 8: Dress up your adult sex dolls

If you have not bought your love doll any clothes yet, you can use the lingerie comes with your doll. And you can buy her some beautiful outfits and accessories. If you don't know what size clothes is suitable for your girl sex doll friend, please find the breast/waist/hip dimension of your doll on California Dolls™ site, and give this information to clothes store staff, they will help and recommend the right size to you. One more important tip on dressing up, please don't buy your latex doll cheap and low quality clothes. Because those cheap and low quality clothes will cause clothing dye problems on your sex dolls.

Finally, please enjoy the time with your beautiful real sex dolls. It can be a journey of sex or company or both. With your realistic doll girl's company, we believe your life will not be boring, neither lonely anymore.


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