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Hugh Breast Luise | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

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Luise is one of our huge breast sex dolls. This premium TPE sex doll has a  curvy figure, beautiful face, deep blue eyes, slender legs, and satisfying intimate holes. Luise has extra large breasts, thin waist, and a firm round booty. She was designed and constructed to be a great sex partner.

This award winning love doll has distinctive Caucasian features and can perform different types of sex including vaginal, oral, anal, and breast. An ultra realistic doll, Luise is made from FDA approved safe materials. A stainless steel metal skeleton provides stable positioning, flexibility, as well as durability. Her face, nipples and fingers are hand crafted. Her vagina is soft and stretchy, while her anal entrance is tight yet accepting. This doll can perform great oral sex. 


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