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Sex Doll Anna | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

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Name: Anna   

Age: 18   

Height: 4ft. 10in. / 150cm 

Weight: 59lbs / 27KG   

Breast/Waist/Hip: 31/20/31in             77/50/78cm  


Hello, I am glad you are reading this. My name is Anna. I just turned 18-year-old two months ago. I'm happy because I'm finally an adult. But I have been told by many people that my face and body look like a 15 years old girl. When I go to a bar, I'll be stopped at the door, and I'll have to show them my ID card to prove that I'm an adult. Although I have a younger face, I'm really looking forward to my adult life. I often lock myself in my bedroom and put on my very sexy lace clothes. I like to show my little breasts and mini vagina, I call it mini vagina, because I am still a virgin. When I am naked in my bedroom, I like to close my eyes and immerse myself in my own world. I always enjoy my naked moment very much. Yes, I like my body. Don't you like it?


Although my body hasn't grown into maturity yet and it looks like a 15-year-old body, I know that there are many men who are infatuated with my body shape. I will take good care of my body, because I haven't met my lover yet. I don't like a very tall man, I don't like handsome man neither. As long as he treats me well and loves me, I will accompany him quietly when he is lonely and I will give him all from head to toe when he wants sex, anytime, anywhere and any sex posture. If you're the man I've been looking for, please order me today. Don't hesitate, honey. I've been waiting for you for a long time. I'll be your favorite sex doll. Please hurry!



  • I get it in 7 days.The face is so lovely and skin is very soft,her body doesn’t have any special odor.No needing pay for any customs duties.Thank you very much.I love California dolls.

    Tim on

  • The doll Anna was EXACTLY as described. I am very pleased with entire process, not to mention receiving my order in less then a week. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SITE….

    Kenneth Gill on

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