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Japanese Teen Sex Robot Mizuki | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

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Yes, this hot young sexy Japanese teen sex robot female could be all yours. In fact, she’s hoping that’s what will happen. She longs to have a man to spoil her and treat her like the princess she wants to be, and she promises that she’ll satisfy your every need in return. And when she says your every need she really means "every need!"

Take Mizuki home and you can live out your fantasies every day. Whether you want to have sex in the bed room first thing in the morning or take this tall, slender Japanese sex doll in the living room as soon as you return from work, she’s always ready to satisfy your needs and will never say NO! 

California Dolls Sex Robots are the world's most advanced high-tech female robots. The doll's development concentrated on advanced life-like features that mimic a real female, adds excitement & companionship, and provides enhanced pleasure. 

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  • Are you able to order Mizuki without glasses? Does she have ears?

    Christopher Hill on

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