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Large Breast Sex Doll Marcy | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

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Name: Marcy 

Age: 22 

Height: 5ft.3in. / 161cm   

Weight: 90lbs / 41KG     

Breast/Waist/Hip: 38/22/38inch    95/54/97cm 

My name is Marcy. The most important thing between people is trust, which is my experience. To treat everyone with a smile is my attitude to my life. Two years ago, I became a swimming coach. Because I am good at swimming and like teaching this profession. Weekends and holidays are the busiest time for me.

I am very grateful to the people I met in the past two years. Whenever I get hurt or have a fever or a cold, my students would pay special attention to me and tell me to have a nice rest. I am very moved.

I still remember clearly that my first student was a little boy. He was eight years old. He was very afraid of water at the beginning. It took him three classes to be familiar with water. But he was very serious about learning. And I think he was my first student and I taught well. The most important thing in breaststroke is the breaststroke leg. The breaststroke leg is the main driving force to move forward. After practicing the breaststroke leg, you can basically swim. It took him three classes to learn the breaststroke leg. Then I taught him the breaststroke leg, the breath exchange, the arm and the breath, and the final complete cooperation. The most difficult thing is to cooperate completely. It took another two classes. People will always create miracles. Finally, the little boy swam skillfully. He was very happy, and I were also very happy. Because I felt very successful. So I am a silicone sex doll young girl who loves swimming, has a hot figure and likes education. Do you like me? Do you want to take me home? I will teach you swimming step by step. Order me today.

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  • It’s my first time to buy such an expensive doll,this product surpassed its own price,recommend to all. Thank you.

    Phillip on

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