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Redhead Sex Doll Jackie | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

fragrance blog

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Redhead sex doll Jackie is a realistic M-TPE sex doll. A beautiful full-figured redhead sex doll for men with stunning gorgeous face, sexy eyes, and a bombshell body. This hot babe has a metal skeleton base and can be posed in multiple positions. Her premium TPE skin is ultra-soft and her large breasts are nice and squeezable. 

He probably saw her naked and all the blood rushed out of his brain at once. Now it’s your lucky day – Ingrid wants to have some fun with men that she likes, and you’ve gotten enough pointed looks from her to know. Ingrid invites you inside, and leaves you alone while she changes.

When she returns, you see what must have killed her boyfriend. Ingrid is a superb, ultra-curvy premium TPE sex doll. She has soft and supple skin that moves and jiggles like the real thing. Ingrid has a robust internal skeleton that allows her to pose and position herself in all kinds of naughty ways. She has amazingly lifelike sex organs that feel so wonderful, they’ll drain you dry. Think you can handle Ingrid and her deadly body?


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