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Posted by Lisa Kelso on

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Running is a sport that many people love. Running can let you know a lot of like-minded friends. You can talk about a topic for a long time with these friends, and you will become familiar with various running activities. Most of the runners are sunny and cheerful. They don't stick to one pattern and are worthy of deep friendship.

Those girls who often run long distance have no less tenacity than boys. Our adult sex dolls Mallory is such a lively and open girl who loves running.

Malory is not very tall, but has sexy, elastic big boobs and a charming ass. Blonde Love Doll Mallory has always been the only girl in the running team who insists on running the whole course, which makes people admire her. The reason why beautiful beauty girl sex doll Mallory can finish every marathon is because she runs 10km every morning. That's how her endurance and good figure are built by running day by day. Running is indeed a good exercise to temper the body and mind. After years of running, full silicone lifelike sex doll Malory has developed a firm belief and determination to never give up. If you're still wondering if you want to start running, take Malory home and let our sexy silicone doll Malory run with you in the morning and sleep with her at night. 

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    • Just like the pictures. So realistc. Truly a work of art. Really happy. This was my first doll and Im glad I made the right decision in a right site.

      Charles on

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