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Lifelike Sex Doll Morgan | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

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Name: Morgan   

Age: 21   

Height: 5ft. 4in. / 161cm 

Weight: 88lbs / 40KG   

Breast/Waist/Hip: 37/21/38inch  93/52/97cm  

Morgan is now a well-known manikin in this industry. Morgan came into this mannequin industry three years ago when she was 18. One day Morgan walked into a studio and wanted to take an art photo on her 18th birthday. When Morgan walked into the studio, she was deeply attracted by the various body portraits on the wall. At that time, she decided to take a group of beautiful portraits of her body as a rite of passage for her 18-year-old.

The male photographer in charge of Morgan's shooting is Jack. He is a famous local photographer who has taken pictures of many actors and models. Morgan shyly took off all her clothes, her body in the warm light is particularly beautiful and holy. Her body trembled slightly because this is her first time being naked around strangers. Jack's female assistant encouraged her, helped her shape, and then covered her naked body with a cloth. After Morgan agreed, the assistant called Jack into the studio.

Jack goes inside and he is shocked when he sees Morgan's smooth skin, gorgeous legs, pretty blue eyes, and silky hair. But out of his professionalism, Jack pretends to be calm and asks Morgan, are you ready? Morgan blush and nod at him. Morgan is very nervous. Her body is a little stiff and her breathing become short. Jack smiles at Morgan, who sees encouragement in his eyes. Jack praises Morgan's body, plus some leading actions, like flirting with a charming woman. At first, Morgan does not get used to the physical contact with him, but gradually she begin to enjoy the slight, natural and comfortable contact. She has no idea that this feeling could be quite dangerous for a girl. All she knows is that with Jack's help, she isn't nervous in front of Jack. Jack skillfully adjusts the light and lens, until the moment the shutter is pressed, the female assistant quickly takes Morgan's cloth away. When Morgan's feminine curves, large breasts, tight waist, and inviting heart shaped butt appeared in front of Jack, he is totally intoxicated. Jack greedily, unscrupulously through the shutter window to enjoy Morgan's beautiful body. He keeps pressing the shutter of the camera, as if touching Morgan's body. And Morgan is really like a flower, blooming in the spotlight.

After filming, Jack invites Morgan to stay for dinner with them. Morgan agrees. After dinner in the studio, the makeup artist and the rest of the staff left. Jack takes out a bottle of red wine and two goblets and says, our work is going well today. Morgan you gave me much inspiration for my creation. Let's have a drink to celebrate. Jack and Morgan drink a lot that night. Morgan tell Jack that she can not drink any more, and her face is burning. Jack reaches out and gently wipes her cheek. Then Jack's body slowly leans over and touches Morgan's cheek with his lips. Morgan does not refuse, and she enjoys the temptation. Morgan jumps into Jack's arms and holds him tightly. His bearded mouth kisses Morgan's neck, and finally kisses her mouth tightly. Morgan loves this feeling and she is really happy. He holds Morgan up in his hands, and Morgan put her hands around his neck. Morgan is gently placed by Jack on the big sofa in the studio. That night, Morgan and her body sink in the ocean of love.

Since then, Morgan not only fell in love with Jack, but also fell in love with the sacred profession of mannequin. Because Morgan's bumpy body is really suitable for shooting. Morgan's body inspired Jack a lot, and many of Morgan's naked photos Jack shoot won awards. Don't wait. Order Silicone Sex dolls Morgan today to enjoy her perfect body.


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  • Shockingly realilistic. Better than expected and excellent customer service. I do recommend this doll Morgan.

    Dameon on

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