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A Happy Sex Doll Owner

Posted by Brooke Lorne on

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I received a nice letter from a customer, a happy sex doll owner and with their permission I am reprinting selected excerpts. 

Dan writes:

Your doll Jennifer has been a life changer. I am so grateful I made the decision back in June to purchase her. Depression is a terrible thing and having Jennifer around has really helped me from completely giving up. 

Because of an auto accident 4 years ago my life had been hell. The surgeries on my back and hip failed to correct the damage and I'm left physically disabled. Forced to use a cane or walker to get around I am unable to return to work. Failing to bring in the big bucks anymore my wife left and divorced me. 

I tried dating for a while, but it did not workout. It's hard to find a place where a disabled 47 year old man can meet nice good looking intelligent women. Internet dating was tried, after spending nearly $4,000 I finally learned my lesson. The photos are attractive and the letters say what you want to hear. It's all BS! What a scam! 

After reading about sex dolls in a man's magazine I searched the internet and made the decision to buy one. I must admit the thought of being scammed again was on my mind, but I was at the point of not giving a shit. 

My expectations were very low when FedEx made the delivery. I was actually talking to myself as I opened the box. Telling myself, No one cared and everything is just about them making money, so this was going to be another one in a long line of my mistakes!"  Pretty pessimistic right? 

Looking for faults, the box was opened and the contents examined. To my surprise everything looked great. Jennifer's actual appearance was like the photos and she felt astonishing realistic. She stands, bends, sits like a real person. And her sexual parts? Fantastic!

Jennifer is more than just a sex toy, she is my buddy. I'm very glad our paths crossed, I am a very happy sex doll owner. Thank you, Dan

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