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Love Doll Sharon | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

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The full-figured love doll, named Sharon, is unlike any of the gorgeous ladies you have seen before. Her beautiful curvy body, is like a Michelangelo sculpture. Sharon's large, perky, and sexy breasts are standing firmly, paired with a nice big heart shaped butt. This sexy combination is difficult to find anywhere else. Sharon is here for a very special man. However, not all are into her type, many men think Sharon is too big in size or too heavy. Many men prefer slim sexy girls. Perhaps you are different in what appeals to your sexual interest? If so, you will be interested to find out the wonderful feeling of having fantastic sex with her.

Sharon is a premium, medical grade TPE love sex doll – made of human-like and ultra modern materials. Sharon can pleasure her special man with three pleasure love holes; mouth, vagina, and butt.

Sharon is a super hot sex doll with large unique perky boobs and a perfectly sized full-figured large butt. Her human-like stainless steel metal skeleton allows you to pose her the way you desire, experiment and find the pose that pleases you the most. Sharon was designed and constructed for you and the greatest sex in your life. She is a must buy love sex doll so don't  miss out on her. You can order her now! We have many options for payment including great financing plans with low monthly payments!


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