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Thinking About A Sex Doll Purchase?

Posted by Brooke Lorne on

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Purchasing a sex doll, especially your first, can be an unnerving experience. So many questions and considerations, where does a person turn for quality assistance in making the right choice. Hopefully, I can help with some informative buying strategies that can help ease the anxiety.

First consideration to ask oneself, "What type of sex doll do I want and how much to spend?" This can be a difficult decision, who does not want a Ferrari at Volkswagen prices?  There is a great division in doll quality and pricing. Almost all sex dolls on the market today could be placed in one of four categories. Let's take a look at each one.

1.) Blow-ups and partial sex dolls are cheap but lack the "real woman" experience.  A blow-up's appearance is far from lifelike and the touch feels like hard plastic. A person can spend $25 to $100 on a blow-up doll. Another option is a  torso doll ranging in price below $1,000. The solid medical grade M-TPE torso sex doll has a much improved feel to it's skin, and beauty and realism in appearance and function. 

2.) Low-cost generic imitations are widely marketed today, especially in economically poor underdeveloped countries. The generic dolls often use inferior materials and substandard manufacturing methods. The basic material TPE and silicone are produced in many grades, low cost formulas normally used in cheap dolls lack the real human feel and rips easily, resulting in a short product lifespan. Doll skeletons also come in different grades of material and engineering specifications. Inferior skeletons often lack normal joint movements and may simply break with normal use. It is difficult to place an average asking price for the inferior dolls, due to wide range of pricing used by the sellers. I suggest using common sense in all potential purchases, 'If it sounds too good to be true, be aware!" 

3.) Premium sex dolls incorporate advanced engineering, innovative design, superior materials, and modern manufacturing techniques. Top of the line manufactures use expert design engineers, mold creators, and make-up artist ensuring a quality product. A premium doll manufactured using high-quality Thermoplastic Elastomer (M-TPE) is inordinately durable with a realistic human-like feel. The newer skeleton deigns allows premium dolls to be positioned in postures which are impossible for most inferior dolls. It also ends awkward head positions. Pricing on a high-quality adult sex doll begins around $800.


4.) Android sex dolls sometimes referred to as sex robots are the pinnacle of modern sex dolls. Sharing many advantages of the premium sex doll including superior design, materials, and workmanship, androids take sex dolls to the next level, i.e., artificial intelligence and many lifelike personal and sexual interactions. Androids with their micro processors, sensors, fiber optic wiring, sensors, heaters, and actuation motors are truly becoming a viable substitute. They move their eyes, lips function in-sync with speech, head turns, reacts to body touch, moans, exhibits normal body heat, tells jokes, solves math equations, and much more. Many android dolls are easily ungraded for advanced programming. Pricing for high-quality androids sex dolls runs from about $4,000 to $12,000 

Beauty, Quality, & Value!

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  • Hi Brooke,
    I will more likely than not be in the Market for one of The California Dolls in the future.
    My Sweetheart is Succombing to Stage 4 Lung Cancer.,there will never be anyone to replace her really and besides that i’m knocking on the door to age 60 and hardly want to play the dating scene..ughh…anyways I hope to be able to purchase a doll outright but may need to go the way of Credit.
    Is there a Minimum$$ for Credit?
    and does the prospective Customer actually receive the Doll or Dolls based on Pymts?
    and lastly,can a prospective Customer apply a down pymt as ‘Partial’ pymt along with making pymts on remaining balance??
    Many Thanks,

    mark schafer on

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