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Sex Doll Cheyenne | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

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Name: Cheyenne

Age: 23

Height: 5.2ft / 158cm

Weight: 68lb / 31KG

Breast/Waist/Hip: 35/19/33inch  /  90/49/85cm

Cheyenne's real-life prototype is a very inspirational disabled girl. Cheyenne lost her legs in a car accident when she was 8 years old. When she was in primary school, several naughty boys in her class laughed at her often, which made Cheyenne feel inferior. But she believes that others will look at you with a new look only by self-improvement. So she has been studying hard and her grades have been very good in her class. But after she graduated from primary school, she dropped out of school. Because her family is very poor, she has a little brother. Her parents hope that she can leave the study opportunity to her little brother. Cheyenne, the sensible girl, finally agreed to drop out of school and leave the study chance to her brother. But Cheyenne did not give up studying. She knew that knowledge can change her fate. She had a neighbor who was in high school at that time. Cheyenne borrowed all her junior high school textbooks and taught herself at home. Time passed quickly, when Cheyenne was sixteen, her mother died in an accident. Cheyenne wanted to lighten the burden of her family, so she went to a strange city and work there. After years of hard work, Cheyenne became a manager of a famous pet store. Cheyenne has two prosthetic legs, but her face is very beautiful and her chests are round. There are many men who pursue her. Cheyenne was single all the time while she was busy with her career. That doesn't mean she doesn't want love. She is more eager for love and sex than anyone else. Cheyenne likes to watch passionate love movies. Sometimes when she sees the climax scene, she can't help but stuff her fingers into her wet vagina. It makes her feel comfortable and enjoyable. At this moment, she wish there was a man beside her to crush her on the sofa, tear off her underwear, and put his penis in and out heartily.

When you have our lovely sex doll Cheyenne sitting next to you or lying next to you, you will see long, flowing curly hair was draped over her shoulders. Our naked sex dolls Cheyenne's blue eyes have been transmitting the autumn waves that make men crazy. The melon seed face is covered with a light makeup, beautiful eye shadow, red lips are sexy and charming. Realistic sex doll Cheyenne's white teeth are like to gently bite the private part of your body. And full TPE sex doll Cheyenne's tongue rolling in her teeth is like eating the skin of your whole body. Low cut clothes exposed her breasts, so that all men can not help but open their eyes at high end sex doll Cheyenne's big chests. The blue and white dress made our big ass sex doll Cheyenne's little waist perfect. full skeleton silicone sex dolls Cheyenne's biggest feature is that her legs can be flexibly disassembled for separate storage. This makes the storage of lifelike love doll Cheyenne easy and saves a lot of space. Cheyenne is definitely one of the rare collections.


    • Thank you for having such excellent products in the world, so that the lives of these elderly people can be comforted.

      Javier on

    • Nothing but the best as I’ve come to expect. This was the fastest delivery Ive ever received. The doll is really nice, and easy to move. Because I can leave her legs in the closet when I need my baby Cheyenne on bed. lol

      Taylor Sizemore on

    • This is better than what I thought it would be; Love it. Both holes are deep and for me the right size. Two legs can be removed. This makes it easier for me to store my girlfriend Cheyenne. Again, love it.

      Russell Wright on

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