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Physical Intimacy of Men and Women

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Physical Intimacy

Intimacy is the feeling of companionship with your partner. Physical intimacy is all about the touch and closeness of two bodies. In a romantic relationship, it might be cuddling, kissing, and sex. Intimacy is a bond between two bodies who express their feelings in lovemaking.

The connection between Intimacy and Mental Health

Sexual pleasure can have a significant effect on our mental health. During sex, our brain releases hormones that boost feelings of happiness and relaxation, while naturally reducing the stress level. Anxiety and depression can strongly affect arousal. Anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems make it difficult to relax enough to have or enjoy sex. When we are feeling low and struggling just to function, intimacy is at the top of our minds.

Importance of intimacy

For many adults, sexuality forms an essential and cherished part of their lives. However, sexuality has expressed a partner, sex dolls, and sex robots. Intimacy and sex can be a source of pleasure in our lives. Sex is a legitimate physical need, just as your body tells you that you are hungry, thirsty, or tired, your body also tells you when it needs sexual releases.

So, in conclusion, our body and brain crave all kind of closeness to maintain your overall health. Although due to some mental health issues make it more difficult to maintain a close relationship and engage in intimacy, it is important to speak up or take expert advice and work with your body to stay happy, healthy, and close with your loved ones.

Usage of sex dolls

Some researchers predicted the strong positive effects of sex dolls and sex robots, including social companionship, sexual exploration, and pleasure and increase satisfaction.

The perspective of a therapist is also suggestions based on a case study, explain how living with a love doll or sex robots can be helpful in healing the transitional process after traumatic experiences, especially when accompanied by professional therapeutic care.

When you have an intimate relationship with a love doll, you will feel more satisfied, they are life-sized dolls. They can be bent at any angle you want to feel more pleasure.

Where to buy high quality sex dolls at wholesale prices?

Don’t worry. California Dolls have realistic sex dolls that are more than typical sex dolls. These dolls are the source of your wet dreams, they are pure pleasure. These realistic love dolls are made with a vision to satisfy your sexual desires.

 A realistic sex doll is a must-buy sex doll. She is made of premium medical TPE and comes with a flexible skeleton base. You can pose her anyway to enhance your pleasure.

California Dolls have a wide variety of sex dolls and sex robots. Including large breast dolls, small breasts dolls, Asian dolls, blonde dolls, black dolls, redhead dolls, tall dolls, robotic dolls, male and she-male dolls.


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