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Cheap Sex Dolls Under $999

Posted by Brooke Lorne on

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The sex dolls marketed today come in all sizes and price ranges. California Dolls™ offers a collection of premium sex dolls under $999. These are high quality, unblemished, newly constructed models are beautiful, sexy, and a great value.  We never manufacture or market blow-ups, torsos, miniatures, or generics manufactured using low-quality materials.

The most expensive sex dolls are the advanced androids often referred to as robotic sex dolls or AI sex dolls. These are becoming very popular with many customers, they take the growing sex doll phenomenal to the next level. 

Today lets look at some top-quality premium sex dolls that sell for less than $999, including worldwide free shipping. In order to make the Under $999 Premium Sex Doll list the dolls must be life size, have a full metal skeleton, and be manufactured using high-grade FDA approved TPE for the skin.  


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