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Cheap Sex Dolls Under $999

Posted by Brooke Lorne on

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The sex dolls marketed today come in all sizes and price ranges. California Dolls™ offers a collection of premium sex dolls under $999. These are high quality, unblemished, newly constructed models are beautiful, sexy, and a great value.  We never manufacture or market blow-ups, torsos, miniatures, or generics manufactured using low-quality materials.

The most expensive sex dolls are the advanced androids often referred to as robotic sex dolls or AI sex dolls. These are becoming very popular with many customers, they take the growing sex doll phenomenal to the next level. 

Today lets look at some top-quality premium sex dolls that sell for less than $999, including worldwide free shipping. In order to make the Under $999 Premium Sex Doll list the dolls must be life size, have a full metal skeleton, and be manufactured using high-grade FDA approved TPE for the skin. 

Megan sex doll is a great value at our low price of $995. Plus free shipping on any purchase. Megan is a beautiful, sexy life-size TPE college girl, the built in skeleton allows her to move and pose easily, regardless of the positions you want to do with her. Are you ready for a college date?


Gina sex doll sells for $995 with free worldwide shipping. A sweet and innocent looking premium sex doll with huge breasts, tight round butt, and a sexy curvy figure. Gina has three inviting pleasure holes and smooth and silky high-quality TPE skin. A full metal skeleton provides stability and flexibility. This life size sex doll has natural looking vagina lips and tight ribbed entrances for additional pleasure.

Lola sex doll list for $995 with free worldwide shipping. A hot desirable realistic sex doll.This premium girly sex doll has distinctive sexually enticing features and can perform a variety of pleasing sex acts. Ultra realistic sexy Lola is made from proven safe materials. Full metal skeleton improves positioning as well as durability. Her face, nipples, vagina, and fingers are all hand crafted. Lola's vagina is soft and stretchy, while her anal entrance is tight yet accepting. This sexy tan darling also performs great oral sex.


Kayla sex doll sells for $995 with worldwide free shipping. A beautiful erotic sex doll with metal skeleton and lifelike TPE skin. This doll has a human face, large round breasts and fit body. Gorgeous eyes, three tight pleasurable entrances for vaginal, anal, and oral fun. Kayla's pleasure holes are tight and textured. The depth of each hole is precisely calculated to accommodate most men without risking the level of pleasure.


Lexi sex doll list for $995 with free worldwide shipping. Beautiful 100% high quality TPE sex doll with full metal skeleton. Designed for pleasing breast, vaginal, anal, and oral sex. Lexi has a human like body with feminine curves, smooth skin, gorgeous eyes, and long silky blonde hair. This doll is an absolute anatomic copy of a real woman. Lexi is a true bombshell with smooth powdery body and hand crafted facial features. Her sexy look goes great with long and lean body, medium sized breasts, and cute firm booty.

Antonia sex doll list for $995 with free shipping. A super sexy and realistic sex doll with hand crafted facial features and extremely lifelike pleasure entrances. This full body TPE sex doll is made from non-toxic, environment safe materials. Her perky breasts and gentle curves mimic the body of a real woman. The skin is highly elastic and does not damage easily. The full metal skeleton provides stability and flexibility. Her body parts, facial features, and intimate organs are designed and hand crafted by the industries best sculptors.

There you have it, five affordable high-quality sex dolls that are designed and manufactured to provide a real life sexual experience and to last for years. 

Beauty, Quality, & Value!


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