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Realistic Love Doll Ella | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

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Realistic Sex Doll, Hello my name is Ella and I am from New Orleans. I try to stay in shape and work hard on my appearance. Some folks say I pay too much attention to my looks and I am being vain, but my appearance is important. I have an office job so I can only spend so much time making sure I look pretty and sexy. I like to think I can go out and take control of any situation. I am at my absolute best and feeling ultra sexy when I’m turning heads.

I just love pissing off the conceited hos!  Not the normal women, but the ones around here that think they are better than everyone else. The ability to receive lots of attention from men and make other gals jealous gives me an emotional rush and super excites me physically, in the right places.

Now allow me to cut the small talk and get to the chase. If you come with me to the bedroom. I will take off my short V-neck dress, my high heel shoes, my underwear? What sexy lady even wears underwear these days? Scandalous! I’m a perfect, incredibly realistic TPE love doll, and I’ve been built from the ground up to turn you on and satisfy your deepest sexy desires.

You can touch my willing sexy body all over. Squeeze and kiss me as you like! I feel so soft and supple, you won’t be able to take your hands off me. And I don’t want you to – please touch me all over and take what you want! I can pose and position my body just like a real woman, and you can have me any way you desire. Just tell me what I want to hear. Tell me I’m the one realistic sex doll for you!


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