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Love Doll Crystal | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

fragrance blog

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This gorgeous passionate TPE sex doll love is a dream erotic doll for a man that enjoys luxury and precious things. Intricately designed, Crystal is synonymous with precious beauty. Crystal radiates a physical beauty yet natural composure without being pretentious.

When in Crystal’s presence, everyone naturally begins to imitate her polished refinement, she can be quite contagious. Everything about Crystal reflects purity, passion, desire, beauty, and generosity. Every unique part of her body was created for one thing, looking beautiful for her man and building a blazing fire of desire in her one special man.

Crystal is no different in bed; she always keeps an astonishing balance between giving sexual pleasure and always showing contentment. This ability also translates in the way she interacts with her man and keeps him at the tip of the edge until the inevitable comes. Crystal’s perky youthful breast and firm heart shaped butt are reflections of the perfect mate.

It’s impossible to resist those amazing sexy curves. Lips and tongue find willing acceptance at the heart of those glorious mounts and valleys. Touch her with the tip of your tongue and feel the heat and the smooth and silky TPE skin, it is only the beginning of a fascinating sex doll love journey.  Crystal that real female like sex doll, that goes beyond normal and opens the door of dreams. Perfection can lie inches away from your eager body.

This beautiful sexy brunette love doll may be customized with your favorite combination to fit your fantasy preferences.


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