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Sex and Society - Sex Dolls Could Help Heal Society

Posted by An Mai on

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Sex and Society - Sex Dolls Could Help Heal Society

There seems to be bad news everywhere you look these days. Seventeen million adults experience symptoms of depression every year. An epidemic of loneliness has been reported in both Japan and the UK. There’s been a rise in the incel movement of late, sparking concern even within the US military. And of course, the divorce rate is holding steady between 40 and 50 percent. So what is the answer to the ills of society? 

The solution to what ails the world is sex dolls. In a world that is isolated, angry, and lonely, sex dolls are a way to heal the pains that keep people apart from each other and alone. 

Reduction in divorce rate

In the United States and other Western societies, most people are married by the time they’re 50. On average, most marriages begin when the couple is in their 20s. (In the 1980s, the average age for marriage was 22. Today, that number is closer to 28.) Though marriages are happening later and later, there’s still quite a bit of sexual maturation that occurs in a person’s 30s and 40s. Not to mention, if you’re married very young and haven’t spent time exploring your desires, curiosities, and intimate needs, you may find that as your union grows older, so too may your sexual interest wane. 

Though a lack of sex is not a leading cause of divorce, infidelity, poor communication, and interpersonal fighting all contribute to the high divorce rate in Western society. In contrast, maintaining a happy, full sex life can help improve and prevent many of these problems. If you’ve found that you’re dealing with these common problems, introducing a sex doll to the marriage bed may be an excellent way to reignite the spark and heal a marriage’s wounds. 

A couple who is experiencing sexual dissatisfaction or even dysfunction, should have an open, candid discussion together regarding their needs. If they avoid the topic altogether, the problem will only become worse. By the same token, ignoring a partner’s unhappiness in the sexual intimacy department may spell the beginning of the end of a marriage. 

Bringing a sex doll into the equation can help open the lines of communication and even address some issues occurring in the bedroom. If a male partner is experiencing premature ejaculation, for example, using a sex doll can help increase longevity and performance. A sex doll can also be used to create the intrigue and mystery that may be missing in a long-term relationship. Rather than bringing a third person into the marriage bed to create a new spark, a sex doll is a drama-free way to simulate a threesome. A typical ménage à trois can bring with it emotional ramifications while a sex doll three-way can bring back some excitement, without any hint of impropriety or infidelity. 

A sex doll can provide more than just sexual excitement, however. Taking a page from a therapist’s handbook, a sex doll can be used for conversational role play, as well. If there’s a topic that may be a bit too thorny to address with a partner immediately, a sex doll provides a nonjudgmental audience on which to practice difficult conversations. All in all, investing in a sex doll is investing in the strength of your marriage.  


Over nine million people in the UK report feelings of loneliness. People over the age of 50 are particularly susceptible. There has even been a minister of loneliness appointed. Loneliness is a very real and present danger. Extended periods of loneliness can contribute to depression and anxiety and can even cause physical problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic inflammation, and even dementia in the very elderly. 

Japan has reported unprecedented levels within the past few years. More than one third of Japanese households are single occupancy, and there is an unfortunate pattern among younger generations of working extraordinarily long hours that keep them isolated and lonely. Working over 100 hours of overtime every month, in some cases, young Japanese men and women find themselves unable to spend time socializing with friends or to even find a romantic partner. So what can be done? 

Though there is much at play in both the UK and Japan that needs to addressed, a fast acting solution to the problem of loneliness is a sex doll. Modern day sex dolls offer companionship and a way to express physical affection. Made of thermoplastic elastomer silicone and featuring a flexible, metal skeleton, today’s sex dolls feel real and are ideal for busy professionals and lonely individuals who are looking for a way to connect with someone. 

Sex robots are particularly useful for the individual who is looking for a more personal connection. These dolls feature technologically advanced AI systems that can translate language, tell stories, report the weather, and vocally react to touch and actions. They also feature an internal heating system that maintains a life-like temperature, making them an immediate solution to the problem of loneliness. 


Much like loneliness, depression is a silent but frequently deadly affliction. In 2017, 11 million adults in the United States reported a major depressive episode that caused severe impairment. Their depression was such that it prevented them from going to work, socializing, or enjoying their hobbies. In other words, it stopped them from living the life they wanted to live. 

A typical side effect of depression is self-isolation, a symptom that can contribute to the illness’s hold on the individual. After all, self-isolation leads to loneliness which leads back to depression. In this tangled web, there lies an opportunity. Chronically depressed individuals who find themselves in need of intimacy and connection may find solace in the arms of a sex doll. 

Sex dolls have more to offer than simple sexual gratification, though that in and of itself can be a useful tool in combating depression. For the individual whose depression has caused them to feel inadequate in their interactions with  people with whom they’d like to be intimate, sex dolls can act as temporary avatars, stand-ins for the depressed individual’s object of affection. Interactions with a sex doll can help these individuals gain the confidence and self absurdness they need to pursue the relationships they desire. Additionally, there is significant evidence that the dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin that are released at the point of orgasm can help alleviate symptoms of depression, making sex dolls a wonderful therapeutic device. 

Though there are still many problems left to face in modern society, sex dolls can help address a few of them. Hopefully, with a little help from the right sex doll, the issues of depression, loneliness, and divorce will slowly but surely be diminished.

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