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Posted by Brooke Lorne on

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Sex robots or sex-bots are defined as human-like, full-body anatomically correct humanoid service robots that are used to have intimate relations with humans, sex robots usually look like normal love dolls but they are constructed with Artificial Intelligence, high tech electronics, and technologies that are designed for sexual use. Sex robots are equipped with sensors, actuators, synthetic speech, and motor skills, such as, being able to talk, turn their heads, make facial expressions, and verbalize please when touched in erotic zones.


Sex robots evolved from crude sex dolls. If we go back as far as the 16 century, during the time French and Spanish sailors creating hand-sewn maturation toys or puppets made of cloth. Many of these creations came to be the direct predecessor of modern sex robots. Today the sex doll industry creates a wide variety of love dolls and sex robots from Asian to American, from redhead to blonde, from small breast to large breast, from small to large booty, from tall to short, from standard models to artificial intelligent dolls that can talk, sense, solve mathematical problems, and provide companionship and the ultimate in sexual pleasure.


Our love dolls are made with high-quality, durable, and silky smooth skin which is made of silicone or thermoplastic elements and stretches over solid or gel inlays. Sex robots are professionally crafted based on most individuals most inner sexual fantasies, providing a strong desire and interactional pleasure with an attractive sexual model.

California Dolls' sex robots are constructed with artificial intelligence. Sex robots come with all desirable attributes and functionalities of regular sex dolls. Plus, they can display conversation skills, emotions, and pre-programmed personalities. In addition, they can perform partially autonomous behavior such as facial movements and verbalize moans of sexual pleasure.


Nowadays sex robots are widely used by people for many reasons.

  • People who see low possibilities to get the intimacy they want.
  • Temporarily or permanently isolated people who have no way to find a sexual partner.
  • People who are attracted to technologies
  • People who seek the ultimate pleasure by their sexual partner.
  • Technology fascinates people who want to have a virtual sexual partner, who cannot find it in the real world.
  • People who have a strong sexual desire cannot be satisfied by a human partner. And who therefore use sex dolls or sex robots.
  • People who are interested in beauty and youth, but see themselves as unattractive or undesirable to a beautiful sex partner and seek eternal beauty and youth.
  • People who want the ideal partner for companionship.


Sex dolls or sex robots with high-quality skin made from medical TPE and modern stainless steel skeletons are affordable and money saving compared to many alternatives.  They have an artificial intelligence system through which they can perform several activities from communication, to facial movements, sexual pleasing moans, to the ultimate in sexual pleasure. USA based California Dolls is a leading manufacturing and marketing company for sex robots and standard sex dolls. We have a variety of beautiful collections to chose your perfect love doll from.

California Dolls delivers you the high-quality, lifelike love doll/ robot sex doll for your intimate pleasure and companionship. Always free shipping and no hidden taxes or fees. 

Where Beauty, Quality, & Value Matters!


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