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Passionate Doll Heather | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

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18-year-old sexy love doll Heather is a teenage sensation! Her skinny, shapely body, perky breasts, and smooth, blemish-free skin drive men crazy with passion and this exotic Southern California sweetheart knows how to use her beauty and charm to get the most tips at the upper scale restaurant she works as a hostess.

Heather is a high school graduate, who wishes to go to college and earn her degree in nursing. She has a great passion for helping others and a unique gift to help ease pain and suffering. It must be noted, her great beauty and pleasant personality can help turn one's pain to pleasure.

When not working Heather enjoys the beach and wearing teeny bikinis and sexy clothes when she shops at the mall where men can admire her amazing figure as she walks by, flaunting her breast and butt in an exotic, sexy manner that make guys stop dead in their tracks.

Heather is very aware of her beauty and the power she has over the opposite sex, and she is a fun-loving girl who is always looking to find the mature man of her dreams to have a good together! Maybe you are that man?


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