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Sex Doll Maddie | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

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Tall super sex doll Maddie never lets a day go by without a trip to her favorite gym. She loves keeping her body in great shape and the benefits of showing it off, especially the long stares and complimentary statements from eager guys.

Weight lifting is not Maddie's preferred workout, she had rather keep her sexy, slender, body toned rather than build muscle. Running on the treadmill keeps her legs, thighs, and waist in perfect shape. The punching bag provides a great way to tone her upper body while sharpening her cat-like reflexes. Maddie's intense workouts covers her in sweat and makes her behave incredibly aggressively.

After hitting the punching bag a while, Maddie is soaked from head to toe, feeling horny, and completely uninhibited! For weeks you have been watching her and passing hints offing you assistance with the punching bag. Finally, as you walk by  to get an up-close look at her boobs she smiles and ask you to hold the bag as she is feeling especially aggressive today. You look around and all you see is Maddie and yourself in the training room.

Maddie is a bright and sexy young lady but no pushover She knows exactly what’s going on. She is a sexy high quality TPE love doll, with a perfectly sculpted body straight from your horny dreams. Every inch of her is just right. Her realistic skin is soft and supple and feels so close to the real thing that you will never care. When her workout clothes drop to the floor, time seems to stand still. But don't hesitate too long, this gorgeous young lady is fit and ready for action. 


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