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Sex Dolls News | California Dolls™ — Asian

Japanese Teen Doll Farrah | California Dolls™

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

Farrah is a full body Japanese teen doll, with small perky breasts. She is made of premium grade TPE material, built with a realistic skeleton that allows her to move in any sexy pose you wish. If you are a Asian lady fan, you need Farrah to drive your fantasy to sky-high level. Send your request today and have Farrah as your lover and companion!

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Teen Doll Maria From Asian

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

See more of Asian Teen Sex Doll Maria Like many young realistic Japanese sex dolls of her generation, this sexy Japanese love doll is eager to explore their sexuality, Maria is looking for something a little more. This 18-year-old Japanese doll is looking for a little romance to go along with all that passion in the bedroom. Maria is looking for a strong, mature, western man to take her in way he wishes. Her three perfectly shaped and feeling pleasure holes are ripe for the taking. Maria wants you and she is ready to satisfy all your sexual needs.

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Real Japanese Sex Doll - Kanako

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

See more of Lascivious Japanese Sex Doll - Kanako Our Japanese sex doll Kanako is so cute, most of the men are turned on by just looking at her pretty face. Imagine when she’s undressed on your bed with her small A-Cup breast and her small round butt, you will cannot resist! With her closed eyes, it’s so exciting, maybe you want to play with her perky nipples, run your hand over her soft round butt, and kiss her full lips, everything is possible with Kanako. Irresistible Kanakol is made from the highest quality materials, so you can use her as often and as...

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Cheap Sex Doll - Anna

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

See more of Japanese Sex Dolls - Anna Anna, one of our most erotic Japanese Sex Dolls' parents moved to the USA in 1995 and she was born in 1999 in California. My parents named me Amaterasu, but call me Anna because Anna is more American. My parents tell me that in Japanese mythology Amaterasu means, “A sun goddess who rules the heavens.” Ha-ha!  I do not really rule the heavens, but I have been told I have a heavenly body. My mother tells me I have what men like, a pretty face, slender legs, small breast, little waist, and a sexy...

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Young Sex Doll - Age 18 - Yukie

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

See more of Japanese Sex Doll - Age 18 - Yukie In her senior year of high school Japanese sex doll Yukie just blew out 18 candles. Young, sweet, and sexy Yukie is made from the most durable and high quality materials. She is constructed using a stainless steel metal skeleton for easy positioning. This sweet Asian princess has small youthful breasts and super soft human-like skin. Yukie's pretty face features deep blue slanted eyes and inviting red lips. She is lightweight and can be easily transported and carried around your home. Her hand crafted face has tender Japanese doll-like features. She is a sweet...

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