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Posted by Lisa Kelso on

Whether choosing a Standard Model or an Android Model you are assured when you purchase from California Dolls™ you are getting the industry's most advanced adult doll. We incorporate advanced engineering, innovative design, superior materials, and modern manufacturing techniques to insure our customers experience total satisfaction with our products. Plus free shipping and a great financing plan available.

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Posted by Lisa Kelso on

See more of Yvette-tall-lifelike-sex-doll Yvette tall lifelike sex doll is a California Dolls™ that's made for a special category of sex doll fans. Yvette is a full figured sweetheart with a big round butt. Her large breast and tight waist are great assets, but that big beautiful ass sets this lifelike sex doll aside.  Made from high quality medical grade FDA approved medical grade M-TPE and a high tech stainless steel metal skeleton. Yvette is flexible, stable, and durable with silky smooth skin and three sexual pleasure holes made to feel as good or better than the real thing.

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Dixie-Tall Love Doll

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

See more of Dixie-Tall Lifelike Sex Doll Dixie is an 18-year-old sexy first year college student. Dixie has a durable, she has a tight waist, jiggly big breasts, and a tight round booty. Advanced human-like soft skin, slender hips, long sexy legs, and gorgeous wavy hair.  Dixie, tall lifelike sex doll is made from solid medical grade M-TPE with a full metal skeleton for stability, flexibility, and durable. With little care Dixie will last for years. Order today, you deserve the best!

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Torso Sex Doll Kylie

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

See more of Torso Sex Doll Kylie A lifelike, life-size, realistic sex doll revolution is here. New materials and manufacturing technologies are allowing for more realistic sex/love dolls, and like this torso sex doll from California Dolls™, they are amazing looking, strong, flexible and a lot of fun to have a sexual fantastic.

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New Sex Doll Cheyenne

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

Our new sex doll Cheyenne has three magnificent pleasure holes, designed and handcrafted for a great satisfying sexual experience. Her mouth, vagina, and anus are always ready to please you and she never says. NO! Cheyenne is the latest design in functioning and pleasure giving. Send for her today, will never regret having Cheyenne in your bed.

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