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Sex Dolls News | California Dolls™ — Boobs

Half Body Sex Doll Misty

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

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Playmate Bunny

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

Playmate Bunny is a situational medium height sexy love doll. she is made using a full body ultra-modern stainless steel skeleton doe flexibility, stability, and durable. Bunny's young lady's like skin feels silky smooth and is durable, the skin is made of FDA medical grade M-TPE that requires very little maintenance, just cleaning and a little talcum power occasionally.

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Big Booty Yael

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

Big booty Yael is a modern superior sex doll, built with the latest high tech metal skeleton for stability, flexibility, and durability. Her durable silky smooth skin is made using FDA approved medical grade M-TPE and feels like a real woman. 

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Body Builder Bonnie

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

Connie, Ms. Female Body Builder of the World two years in a role.  She takes pride in USA taking the top honors from Russia and other Communist countries that ruled female body building for so many years.

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Teen Love Doll Lauren

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

Gorgeous Lauren likes to turn heads. Her long blonde hair, irresistible youthful face, long sexy legs, and outstanding curvy body is a heart stopper. A great lasting impression is always left to all that are lucky enough to meet her. If you win her admiration and Lauren chooses you out of her admirers, know everyone in the club is going to be green with jealously.

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