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7 Health Benefits of Sex For Men

Posted by Joseph Vera on

Sex has a lot more benefits than simply the feeling you get when it’s coming to an end. There are some real health benefits of sex for men that may surprise you. It is said that sex eases pain, eliminates stress, and lowers blood pressure. But how does it all work? Check out these 7 health benefits of sex for men.  Feel the burn?  Okay, maybe that’s the wrong phrase to use when referring to sex, but sex burns calories! Research suggests the average men can burn off about 100 calories during sex. The calories vary depending on how long...

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Sex Doll Guide

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

Discover What’s New And Right For You! A major tenant of the new-age sexual revolution is “acceptance,” the keyword often used in the popular media, a new way of thinking and, for many, a new way of behavior.  A significant part of “acceptance” is the human-like sex doll.  The evolution in sex doll engineering, materials, and manufacturing technology has elevated the once modest blowup doll to a metal skeleton, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) masterpiece in beauty and function. In this guide we will focus on premium adult sex dolls only, no blowups, cheap copies, or dolls that resemble children. Whether seeking companionship, great...

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Brunette Hot Sex Doll!

Posted by Brooke Lorne on

Like the real thing sex dolls come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Sales over the past few years indicate "men prefer blondes" however, brunette sex dolls are also very popular.

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