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Beautiful Big Boob Sex Doll - Larissa

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

See more of Beautiful Sex Dolls - Larissa Larissa is very special, she is one of the few full figured beautiful sex dolls to be offered at California Dolls™  She has a metal skeleton and lifelike smooth and silky TPE skin. This love doll has a lovely face, large round breasts, and fit body. Gorgeous eyes, three tight and pleasurable entrances for vaginal, anal and oral fun. Larissa's pleasure holes are tight and textured. The depth of each hole is precisely calculated to accommodate most man without compromising the level of pleasure. Hand crafted body details, textured genitals, perky nipples and natural looking eyes....

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Awesome Brunette Pussy Doll - Lynne

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

See more of Awesome Brunette Sex Doll - Lynne Young men lack experience and the ability to please me. A mature man knows what he wants and will make every effort to make his dreams come true, I like that. If you looking for an awesome brunette pussy doll, what are you waiting for? Send for me today!

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Oral Sex Doll - Tina

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

See more of Athletic Sex Doll - Tina Sex Doll Tina is feeling lonely and bored waiting for you to arrive. It is a cold and rainy day. Nobody wishes to catch a chill having to be in this dreadful weather. Could there be a positive response to being stuck in her apartment all day? Maybe a slow, passionate striptease would make the time pass a little faster and a lot more exciting. Dressing in her sexy lingerie might be just the trick to get the blood pumping, and inject some excitement into this stormy day. At the perfect moment you knock at her door. As you enter Tina begins to...

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Could a Sex Doll Help with Depression?

Posted by An Mai on

The symptoms of depression can vary from person to person. Depression can present as insomnia or hyper-insomnia. It can look like weight loss or significant weight gain. It can cause fatigue, indecisiveness, an inability to concentrate, irritability, anger, and commonly, it can cause feelings of worthlessness. It’s a known fact that depression and anxiety can be present together, as can depression and feelings of loneliness. This can also lead to sexual dysfunction, further causing depressed individuals to feel isolated and lonely.

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Sex Doll Asian - Liling

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

See more of Asian Sex Doll - Liling This erotic Asian sex doll has three realistic looking and feeling pleasure holes and built to anatomically mimic a curvy body of a young fit woman. Most of Liling's body parts can be bent to achieve the perfect sexual position. Her intimate organs are handcrafted by our award-winning sculptors and designed to look exactly like the body parts of a real woman. If you like beauty young Asian ladies send for Liling today and be prepared to enjoy all your sexual fantasies!

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