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How to Store Your Sex Doll

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

All dolls from California Dolls are with interest free monthly payments with 0 -- down. What are you waiting for? Come and choose a beautiful sex doll to live with for years.

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Shemale Lenny | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

See more of Shemale Sex Doll Tall Lenny Looking something special, something different is a sex doll? Meet shemale sex doll tall Lenny, a beautiful sex doll with a monster 14 inch penis. That is not the end of the story, Lenny can do amazing sexual things. You can remove his penis and she turns into a sweet young lady with a great pussy. No matter your sexual preference Lenny loves to please.  Lenny is great for couples or singles who wish to satisfy their personal needs or just experiment with something new and different. Lenny is a life like, life-sized...

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Black Male Doll | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

See more of Black Male Sex Doll Beginning at age 5-years-old I have played basketball. I thought playing ball was the greatest thing on earth. That was until my first year in high school and I began watching the cheerleaders more and more. I became memorized by their short skirts and little bouncing boobs. After getting my courage up I began talking to the young ladies.  Then one day after practice a senior cheerleader ask if I would walk her home. Once at her home she took me to the bedroom and we had glorious sex twice.I still love playing...

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Shemale Ms Debra | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

Ever wished of owning a sex doll that had it all? I mean, a realistic looking and feeling vagina and a rock hard dick? Well, this doesn’t have to be a dream anymore. Ms. Debra, a Shemale sex doll with a transgender insert is the hottest addition to our vast collection of premium high-end sex dolls. This captivating life-size sex doll questions the phrase ‘You can’t have it all.” 

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5 Must-Know Tips for Using Sex Toys Together

Posted by An Mai on


Being involved in seemingly prohibited relations can ignite passion in itself. Forbidden sex, such as affairs, have been going on for thousands of years. If you don’t want to risk your relationship, a sex doll can be the perfect toy for both of you to experiment with. With a given personality and name, this toy can be safely used by both of you.

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