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Sex Dolls News | California Dolls™ — New Arrivals

Shemale Sex Doll Tall Lenny

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

See more of Shemale Sex Doll Tall Lenny Looking something special, something different is a sex doll? Meet shemale sex doll tall Lenny, a beautiful sex doll with a monster 14 inch penis. That is not the end of the story, Lenny can do amazing sexual things. You can remove his penis and she turns into a sweet young lady with a great pussy. No matter your sexual preference Lenny loves to please.  Lenny is great for couples or singles who wish to satisfy their personal needs or just experiment with something new and different. Lenny is a life like, life-sized...

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Dixie-Tall Love Doll

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

Looking for a tall lifelike, life-size young college student sex doll? Meet Dixie.

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Tall Swedish Sex Doll Mona

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

See more of Tall Swedish Sex Doll Mona Hi my name is Mona, I'm an advanced realistic tall Swedish sex doll model and ski racer looking for her man. In order to keep her body slim and fit Mona completes in the giant slalom for women, she loves the outdoors and having fun in the snow. As a model she often gets to mix the two. She is hopefully her one and only special man will send for her soon.

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Torso Passion Doll Abby

Posted by Lisa Kelso on

California sex doll Abby is a special model of a passion doll. Abby has everything a normal sex doll has, except she has no legs. Compact and much easier to play with, and you can get straight to the fun without having to deal with those legs.

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New Sex Doll Cheyenne

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

Our new sex doll Cheyenne has three magnificent pleasure holes, designed and handcrafted for a great satisfying sexual experience. Her mouth, vagina, and anus are always ready to please you and she never says. NO! Cheyenne is the latest design in functioning and pleasure giving. Send for her today, will never regret having Cheyenne in your bed.

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