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Adult Sex Doll Erika | California Dolls™ News

Posted by Cathy Cohen on

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Meet beautiful tall sex doll Erika. She is 5.6 ft. tall, with slender thighs, plump breasts, firm hips, and a curvy devil figure. She is a classic and charming European sexy supermodel and is on many men’s favorite lady list. Erika makes sure she keeps her hair extra tidy, and make sure her body looks flawless. She is going to drive you crazy, pause briefly, and then do it all over again. Even then, she is just going to do every naughty thing to you imaginable until your mind and body explode.

These beautiful tall sex dolls from California dolls™ are designed and created to provide realistic sexual pleasure. These dolls have real-life simulation vagina, anal, and mouth openings for making your pleasure as realistic as possible. The experience is like having sex with a full-sized partner, but with the advantage of a full-body view of her during intercourse. It’s very much like the full view you wish you had during sex, but couldn’t…until now.  


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